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Tips for less painful hair removal

tips for less painful hair removal

Waxing is one of the most common ways of removing unwanted hair from the body and most women prefer it because it has many advantages compared with other methods. Best of all, with waxing, the hairs are extracted from the root and the skin remains smooth for 2 to 6 weeks. The worst part is the pain. The intensity of the pain depends which area of the body is subjected to waxing, but also from your pain tollerance. Some describe the pain as intense and unbearable, and others say that is just uncomfortable and insignificant.

The good news is that there are several things you can do so to have a less painful hair removal, and also to avoid the unpleasant redness and bumps of the skin.

Tips for less painful hair removal

Before waxing:

Never do the waxing just before you have your period. If you want to have a less painful hair removal, dno’t do the waxing a few days when you have your period and while you have your period because that is the time when the skin is very sensitive, so the pain is going to be considerably bigger.
Use a body scrub one to two days before waxing. Using a body scrub 1-2 days before waxing will make the skin smoother, it will remove the dead skin cells and thereby reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.
Don’t drink coffee or alcohol a few hours before waxing. Coffee and alcohol can make the skin more sensitive, and it won’t help you with having less painful hair removal, especially if you plan to wax your intimate zone.
Take an aspirin to reduce the pain. About 30-45 minutes before waxing, take one aspirin. It won’t make the waxing completely painless, but it will certainly make the waxing less painful and easier to handle.
Ensure that the hairs are the proper length. You won’t be able to successfully remove the hairs if they are shorter than 0.2 inches (5 mm). On the other hand, if they are longer than 0.5 inch (1,5 cm), the pain will be stronger than usual. Therefore, make sure that the hairs are neither too short nor too long. Trim them with scissors if they are longer than the recommended length.
Shower with hot water before waxing. Hot water will open the pores and the hair will come out easier. Dry your skin well before you start waxing.

During waxing

Don’t rub you skin with ice. In order to have less painful hair removal, some women put ice directly on their skin. But it is not wise to do it before you apply the wax, because the ice will tighten the skin and pores, so the hairs will come out harder. Save the ice for after you’re done with waxing.
Apply a thin layer of wax. You should apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of the hair growth. If you apply a thick layer, it will be more painful. During the wax application, hold the applicator at an 45 degree angle so you’ll spread the wa more evenly.
Use smaller strips. You will spend a bit more time, but you’ll have less painful waxing. Many women claim that waxing generally is less painful when they use smaller strips.
Breathe deeply. The pain forces women to become tense during waxing. However, you should do the opposite – be relaxed and breathe deeply, this way the waxing will be less painful.
Imitate coughing. In some areas of the body, the hair removal process is a real nightmare. To have less painful waxing, make your brain focus on something else rather than the pain. While you peel off the strip, cough. It really works!
After the pull off the strip, press the area. Immediately after you pull the strip off, using the thumb or your palm press the area that you just waxed to reduce the pain.

After waxing

Put some ice. In a plastic bag put a handful of ice cubes and for a few minutes cool the area of your body that you just waxed. It will reduce the redness and also remove the discomfort and the slight pain that occurs after waxing.
Rub the area with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil naturally cleans the skin, reduces inflammation, reduces pain and helps in treating wounds. Therefore, tea tree oil is an effective way to reduce redness.
… Or, use a lotion with aloe vera. Aloe vera gel can also reduce the inflammation and speed up the heeling process.
Don’t take a shower for a few hours. Especially don’t take a shower with hot water, because it will irritate the skin.
Don’t wear tight clothing. Tight clothes will rub the skin and irritate it. During the 24 hours after waxing wear soft and comfortable clothing.
If you are on vacation, don’t go in the water the same day. Dirty lake water or salty sea water will cause redness and inflammation, and also may cause the appearance of small pimples.
Don’t go to the sun 24 hours before and after waxing. The ultraviolet sun rays will make the skin more sensitive. It is best to stay under thick shade for 1-2 days.
Don’t use sauna and solarium in the next two days. Stay back from using the sauna or solarium at least 24-48 hours after waxing.

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