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8 Ways to tell he’s the one you should marry

8 Ways to tell he's the one you should marry

It would have been so easy if life was a movie in which the main characters know from the moment they meet that their destiny is to be together. But in reality, things aren’t so simple and it’s very difficult to guess whether a relationship has a future or not.

Therefore, try to go step by step – introduction, dates, intimacy, approval from your friends and family and eventually realizing if he’s the one for you or not. Unfortunately, sometimes even though you do all that, you can’t be sure whether he’s the one you should marry.

If you’re in a situation when you need to decide whether you’re a with the man that you want to spend the rest of your life with, these several things can confirm that you made the right choice. Here are 8 ways to tell he’s the one you should marry:

8 Ways to tell he's the one you should marry

He never breaks his promise

If he never breaks his promise and never promises you things that he doesn’t intend to keep, then your partner deserves your trust. It’s difficult to trust someone with all your heart and you shouldn’t trust people who don’t fulfill their promises. If he keeps his promises, he’s the one for you.

You can literally talk about everything

Your partner should be your best friend first and then your lover. Although he won’t be able to fully replace your girl friends, he should always be with you when you need to have a serious discussion with someone, no matter what the topic is.

You have the same plans for the future

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you both need to want the same things, but your thoughts about the future should overlap. The relationship will fail if he wants to travel the world, and you want to settle down and start a family. If you’re able to bring your individual plans into one pile and create one joint plan, then your relationship is on good track.

He supports you in everything you do

If he really cares for you, he’ll always want you to be happy and he’ll never stand in the way of what you want to do. He shouldn’t be stopping you to fulfill your dreams, and if he doesn’t agree with something, you two should discuss it and find a solution together. He should support your intentions, even when he doesn’t fully agree with them.

You like him, even his flaws

Nobody is perfect, so don’t expect that your partner will be the exception to that. Accept the reality that he has flaws and that they are part of his personality. If you continue to love him despite his flaws, that surely is true love.

He lies you when you have no makeup on

Maybe this will sound funny, but it is very important that he loves you for what you are, and not for the ‘mask’ that you wear when you’re outside. If he tells you that you’re beautiful in the morning, while you are wearing baggy pajamas, have frizzy hair and have no makeup on, he’s in love with your natural beauty and that’s a sure way to tell he’s the one you should marry.

Your family and friends approve of him

If your partner wins the trust of your loved ones who wish you all the best, then probably he has passed the hardest test. However no mater how hard you try to notice every singe detail about him, you can never be as objective as your family because you’re probably slightly ‘blinded’ by love and they see things as they are.

He makes you feel happy

Everyone deserves to be happy. If your partner isn’t trying to make you feel happy, then he doesn’t deserve to be in your arms. It is important that the man who’s next to you knows how to make you laugh, put a sparkle in your eyes and make you really happy. If he makes you happy then probably he’s the one you should marry.

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