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Fruits and vegetables that absorb most pesticides

Which fruits and vegetables absorb most pesticides

Today, the only way to make sure that the quality of the food that we eat is excellent is to produce the food ourselves. But the modern lifestyle doesn’t always allow it, and the organic produce can sometimes be a bit expensive. So it is better to be informed which fruits and vegetables absorb most pesticides, so we can make sure to wash these fruits and vegetables thoroughly before we eat them.

Which fruits and vegetables absorb most pesticides


Strawberries are one of those fruits that absorb pesticides. They are very delicate fruit and grow close to the ground. Since they touch the ground or at least they are close to the soil, they are vulnerable to pests, so farmers often use pesticides. Even after they are harvested the land is treated with fungicides as prevention against the development of pests.


Celery grows for months and during this time it stays longer on the field and it is more affected by pesticides. Unlike broccoli, which are covered with leaves, celery has no such natural protection against the chemicals.

Peaches and nectarines

These fruits should look nice so they will have good presentation when people buy them. Farmers use chemicals that kill insects on the peach trees and protect them from diseases. However, these fruits have a thin skin, through which not only bugs can easily pass, but also pesticides. This is what makes them a fruit that absorbs chemicals.


Pesticide manufacturers have created products specifically designed for apple trees, because they grow almost anywhere and they face different pests and diseases. Before you eat an apple, peel it or at least wash it thoroughly.


These small fruits are particularly attractive to bugs because they have a soft skin that can easily break. Chemicals also easily penetrate through the skin directly into the flesh of the fruit so they are a fruit that absorbs pesticides.

Red peppers

They are a mature form of the green peppers. That means spending more time on the field and also more exposed to prolonged treatment with chemicals from their green brothers.


Since spinach grows above ground, its leaves provide a large area that can be sprayed with pesticides. If you see a picture perfect leaves of spinach, that means that it is treated with chemicals. If you see a spinach with couple of non perfect leaves, do not hesitate to buy it, you can pick the bad leaves and throw them.


Like spinach, kale is also a leafy vegetable that has a large exposed surface which absorbs pesticides and chemical sprays. So kale too goes into the category of vegetables that absorb pesticides and chemicals.


Cherries are one of those fruits that are a bug’s favorite, so they need to be protected. Farmers spray cherries with a cocktail of chemicals against fruit flies and butterflies, so be sure to wash them well.


This vegetable grows underground but it isn’t protected from pests. Potato is a vegetable that absorbs the pesticides with its leaves and from the soil around it. In the early period of growth farmers inject pesticide into the ground, then sprinkle the crop with powdered chemicals.


Grapes are very delicate and have a thin skin, which makes them vulnerable to pests. To protect the crops from butterflies and other pests, farmers often use pesticides. So grapes too go into the category of fruits that absorb pesticides.

Of course, even though some of the chemicals go into the fruits and vegetables, they are still a better option than the canned foods which have even more chemicals and preservatives. If you want to be sure that you consume quality food, try to buy organic food or visit your nearest local farmer’s market.

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