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5 signs that you had a successful job interview

signs that you had a successful job interview

You’ve probably read a lot of tips on how to introduce yourself to a job interview, how to dress, what to say, how to answer the difficult questions etc. And you’ve been to the interview, it has finished and now you wait. In your head you repeatedly go again and again throughout the interview and you are rethinking the answers to the questions and you’re probably asking yourself if you did everything correctly.

5 signs that you had a successful job interview

How do you know if you did well on the job interview or if you will get a call back telling you that you are refused? Here are some signs that will tell you if you had a successful job interview:

Second interview

If you got a call back and you just got invited to go to a second interview, it means that they are interested in hiring you. If this wasn’t the case, it is likely that you will get a call that you are refused or you won’t be notified at all.

Introducing you to the team

It is a good sign if the interviewer immediately introduce you to some employees or if he mentions that he would like you to meet some specific people from the company. If you are not considered suitable for the position, he will not do this at all. Remember that he may also seek the opinion of the team, so be nice to everyone that you meet.

He respond to all questions thoroughly

In most job interviews you can ask some questions, but if they respond you briefly and indifferently, it means that you’r not doing so well. When your interviewer is a person who tries to answer all of your questions thoroughly, it is a sign that they are interested in you.

They are trying to ‘sell’ you the position

When an employer is interested in you to become a part of his team, he’ll explain and promote all of the best sides of the position for which you apply. That way he wants you to get a clear idea of how things stand in the company and wants to give you clear sign that you are the appropriate person for that job.

Nonverbal communication

Non-verbal signals are a good way to evaluate if you had a successful job interview. Pay attention to the person who interviewed you and look for a non-verbal signals such as writing notes, smile, nodding with his head or asking you some specific questions. If the interviewer gave you a few remarks, or he is constantly looking at his watch or he does not ask you detailed questions, your interview doesn’t go as it should.

If you notice some of these signs, you can relax and assure yourself that you have handled the interview well and did the best that you can. But that is no guarantee that the job is yours. There is always the possibility someone else to represent himself better than you.

However, if these signs are present, you probably had a successful job interview and you have a chance to get the job you want.

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