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The best makeup for your hair color

The best makeup for your hair color

Makeup is a powerful weapon that we women use whenever we want to fascinate and impress with our appearance. With well selected makeup you can look natural or dramatic and it’ll definitely raise your self-esteem. When choosing makeup it is necessary to consider many things, including the color of your hair. Find out what is the best makeup for your hair color:

The best makeup for your hair color

The best makeup for your hair color – Black hair

Eyes: You’re lucky because almost all the colors match your hair and it’s best to go for the classical smokey eyes look. To highlight your eyes, start with dark gray or navy blue shade and use a black eye pencil and black mascara.
Face: Pink or coral blush will bring warmth to your face.
Lips: If you choose to highlight your eyes with dark colors, then it is best just to use a lip gloss in pink or coral color so that you won’t distract the attention from your eyes. Nude and peachy lip color is an excellent choice if you have dark complexion. If you decide to use less eye makeup, you can definitely use a red lipstick.

The best makeup for your hair color – Brunette

Eyes: Brunettes can’t go wrong with using natural and earthy eyeshadow shades that match the color of their hair. As a rule, brunettes should use different shades of brown and cream color. The darker your hair, the better you’ll look with darker shades. You won’t make a mistake if you choose mocha or warm shades of brown. Purple is also a good alternative that will highlight your eyes. For a more dramatic evening look choose a dark gray or green, and go for gold shades for a more glamorous  look. The eye pencil should be in dark brown or dark gray, but you can use black too, and the mascara can be either brown or black.
Face: Blush is your best friend. Use blush in coral, peach or terracotta.
Lips: When you need to choose lipstick, stay away from the delicate shades because they aren’t the best choice for brunettes. Lipsticks in coral and peach color will give you freshness. For a striking evening look, use a red rose, red wine or cherry colored lipstick.

The best makeup for your hair color – Blonde

Eyes: Blondes don’t look so good with a very strong eye makeup as it is the case with black haired women and brunettes. Smooth pastel colors are great for a gentle and natural look. Whatever the blond shade of your hair is, you will look best if you use eyeshadows in pink, gold, peach or champagne. It’s best to use mascara and eye pencil in brown, not black, because black will give ‘heavy’ look to your makeup.
Face: It’s best to use blush in pink and peach color.
Lips: Bright delicate shades of lipsticks are made for you. Lipsticks in pink shades are the perfect choice, and it’s recommended to use lipsticks the same color or a little lighter as your natural lip color.

The best makeup for your hair color – Red hair

Eyes: Red hair leaves a great impression and brings a lot of heat and fire to your appearance. Therefore, the best choice for redheads are the shades of green. But green it’s not the only option. Use  eyeshadows in honey, copper, caramel color or taupe shade. Replace the black mascara and black eye pencil with brown, especially if you have green or hazel eyes.
Face: Highlight your the apples of your cheeks using a blush in peach or apricot color.
Lips: The best choices are lipsticks in peach or apricot. Red lipsticks usually are hard to match with red hair, because the shades of the lipstick and hair have to be more or less equal. For more glamorous appearance, choose lipsticks with a golden shimmer. Avoid pink lipsticks and lip glosses. Lipsticks in dark colors like purple can make you look too intrusive, and therefore they’re not recommended.

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