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Care for your feet and nails

Although the feet are one of the most invisible body parts (especially for male eyes), they require daily care – like you clean the teeth. To keep your feet in optimum condition is not sufficient to keep only the elementary rules of hygiene.  Special care is needed at least from time to time without necessarily attending a beauty salon.

Cuticles around the nails need to be softened with special cream or gel so that they can more easily be removed. The feet should be massaged with moisturizing and softening cream.
It is necessary to use tools that are designed specifically for feet and have a number of specific properties – anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, softening, etc. People who frequently visit the sauna and swimming pool, must use products that counteract the emergence of fungi, because the high temperatures and humidity encourage the development of infection.

Nails should be trimmed regularly (at least once every two weeks) using a nail scissor or nail clipper. The corners must be rounded so they wont grow into the skin. Of course you can paint them with special nail polish that protects nails from fungal and mechanical damage.

The nails can be polished with polishing file, which the best brands have it covered with silk or silk threads. Polishing should be done when the nails are dry, so you will not damage the natural protective layer of the nails.

All these procedures, of course, carry the name ‘pedicure’ which in Latin literally means ‘treatment of the feet’. This procedure should be performed 1-2 times a month at home or beauty salon.

The Beauty Salon usually offer 3 types of pedicure: classical, hardware and spa.

The classic pedicure is ideal in order to take care of even the most neglected feet. It can be done at home, but without the massage of the feet on which are biologically active points, contributing to good health and extraordinary ease of mind.

Professionals will help you with problems like callous and rough skin. The only assistant in your home pedicure against callous can be special patches that are available in pharmacies.

Electric pedicure includes coarse grinding and polishing of the nails, and resembles like a drill. Its advantages are quite compelling – even the rough feet become soft and gentle, and nails, if ever in their life are not ‘seen’ pedicure, will be handled easily and efficiently. The procedure ends with a special massage of the feet.

Spa pedicure includes additional care for the skin of the feet, massage and aromatherapy, but it is not suitable for feet, which have been neglected. The skin of the feet is treated with a lotion, gel, cleansing and moisturizing masks, oils etc. This is the most pleasant procedure for the feet, which makes their skin especially soft.

Nails can tell a lot about human health. They react to changes in their appearance and color and show signs of serious diseases, metabolism disorders, lack of nutrients, as well as neurological, endocrine or vascular problems:

  • Blue nails are one of the symptoms of heart failure or lung problem that arises due to lack of oxygen in the blood. Seek immediate medical assistance.
  • If nails are breaking, and are very brittle, they must be cut when they’re wet and to be polished with very soft file, and then to be painted with straightening nail polish.
  • The horizontal lines on the nail are result of stopping the nail growth, for example during illness, influenza or fever triggered by emotional stress or intolerance to certain drugs. After removing the cause nails tend to recover.
  • The white dots are air pockets, which are formed after a minor trauma of the nail as well as lack of vitamins.
  • Pale flat or convex nails are signs of anemia: anemia, iron deficiency and vitamin B1. They may be provoked by a shortage of hemoglobin due to bleeding or iron deficiency (daily rate for iron is 15 mg) contained in large amounts in eggs, meat, liver and apples. It is right to go to doctor who will explain the reason for the low hemoglobin and take appropriate action.
  • Thin and brittle nails are the result of continuous work with water, solvents, aggressive chemical fluids, nail trauma or thyroid problem. Work with gloves and use protective creams. Take vitamins of group B, which strengthen nails.
  • Prominent nails are the result of chronic inflammatory or infectious diseases of the lungs, heart, liver, etc.
  • Thick deformed nail with gray or yellowish color is a sign of the presence of fungal infection or psoriasis, where on the surface of the nail can be seen many dents as if someone had stuck pins in the nail. Look for the dermatologist, who will appoint you to the proper treatment.
  • Bitten nails are evidence of chronic mental or emotional stress. In that case, look for a psychologist who will help you to end this uncontrolled desire  and… bitten nails.
  • Black nail of one finger is most commonly a result of bleeding caused by trauma of the nail or finger.
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