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5 Summer office looks – Summer office fashion

5 Summer office looks - Summer office fashion

Dressing in a professional, classic way during the summer heat is not an easy achievement. When the sun is out and the temperatures are high, the last thing that probably comes to your mind is to wear a complete suit. But how to combine breathable and comfortable pieces of clothing and still look professional and appropriate for the office? Here are five easy ways to complete your wardrobe so that it looks fresh, classic and suitable for the job – and without you being melted by the summer heat:

5 Summer office looks - Summer office fashion

5 Summer office looks – Summer office fashion

Summer office look – Choose a light blazer or jacket

Thin, lightweight jacket or blazer is a must have for summer. Almost everyone who works in an office can tell that they often struggle with the air conditioner. When the temperatures outside exceed 86 degrees (30 degrees Celsius), inside the office it’s always cold. So what can a girl do? You need to have a thin, light jacket and blazers in several colors like black, white, beige, so you can pair them with almost every office garment.

Besides being the perfect garment when you dress in layers, a lightweight jacket or blazer can make your outfit more appropriate for work. For example, if you chose a shirt with thin straps or strapless shirt, the jacket will give you a more appropriate look for the workplace.

According to fashion stylists, even only one lightweight jacket with short sleeves, can be an integral part of the perfect summer outfit for work. The perfect summer office clothing should include knee-length skirt, fun and lightweight shirt, jacket with short sleeves and shoes with high or low heel.

Summer office look – Choose lightweight trousers

We know what you think. Trousers? In summer? But don’t worry, if you choose the right material you’ll feel cool and comfortable even in full length trousers. Instead of choosing heavy fabrics like thick cotton or denim, choose linen or light cotton trousers that will keep you cool.

Another option that you can consider are cropped trousers. Cropped trousers can be actually suitable for work because their length is under the knee and they look good on any body shape. For a professional look, combine neutral colored cropped trousers with slightly longer short-sleeved blouse and with plain blazer that’s in slightly different color than the cropped trousers.

Of course, what length of trousers you choose really depends on the dress requirements of the company in which you work.

Summer office look – Summer suit

If the job requires you to wear a suit, don’t torture yourself with heavy suits. This summer, replace the heavy fabrics with light fabrics like linen, jersey, cotton and bright colors like cream, khaki, white and yellow-brown. Linen can become your best friend this summer because it’s lightweight and breathable material. Even in the form of suit, the linen is stylish and looks really good.

You can combine your summer suit with silk or cotton shirts. Also choose your shirts in summery colors like pink, light blue or coral.

Summer office look – Long dresses or skirts

Long summer dress is the perfect solution to wear during a summer day in the office and it’s perfect if you have to go for a walk or party after work. Long dresses or skirts are fun and they will keep you cool in summer. They can easily be combined with a blazer or a thin jacket. Experts recommend to combine long dresses or skirts with accessories like bracelet or necklace.

Summer office look – Knee length tunics

A long tunic meets three conditions that summer clothing must have – it’s stylish, comfortable and appropriate for the office. The free style of the tunic makes it appropriate for every occasion, the only thing that you must do is to choose knee length tunics. And if you think that the tunic looks too wide on you, just add a belt at the waist and you’re ready to go.

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