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How to deal with acne

The occurrence of acne starts in the teenage years and they are very annoying and frustrating. If you already using anti acne products but you also want to try something new, here are few tips:

1. One of the best solutions is retinol A. You can find it in any pharmacy. It will make your skin soft and smooth, and the acne spots will soon fade, your acne will heal and your skin will look good again.

2. Sleep is especially helpful in combating acne. Try to sleep at least 6-7 hours at night and you’ll be amazed how in just a few days your skin will look much more fresh and clean.
If even after taking the required dose of sleep, acne still bother you, start to change the cover on your pillow every 2-3 days. This will protect your face from the germs and dirt that is stick from your hair.

3. Use more natural products, do not overdo it with heavy chemicals, because sometimes they can aggravate the problem. For example, some of the creams and lotions against acne, dry the skin too much and that makes the skin to produce more sebum.
It is better to just make regular care which will contain cleaning the face every night so the skin can breathe easy overnight. Wash the face in the morning with lukewarm water. So you will assure fresh and well cleaned skin throughout the day.

4. When the pimple is quite noticeable, you should bomb it immediately. Buy anti-acne preparations which contain benzoyl peroxide or salycilic acid. Most of these creams and lotions, however, are quite harsh, so it is best to use a good homemade face mask to moisturize your skin. If these two products do not help you, try products with antibiotic like clindamycin. If your acne is very severe, go to dermatologist which will propably prescribe you antibiotics for oral use.

5. Have a quality concealer. Do not look it  as a makeup, but as a necessity. If you buy the right concealer for your skin will feel much more confident when you cover your spots.
Also have some good liquid foundation and make sure that it is water based. Oil based foundations can clog your pores and it will only make you more acne. Also make sure that they are labeled as ‘non-comedogenic’.

6. If only occasionally have one or two pimples, avoid strong soaps and cleansers because they may worsen the condition of your skin. Better forget the strong drying agents, and take some mild cleanser.

Even if you decide to try just one of the above tips, you will immediately notice that your skin will be in better shape. So, just try.

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