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How to take care and clean your makeup brushes properly

How to take care and clean your makeup brushes properly

To properly apply makeup and to get a nice and smooth finish, you need good makeup brushes. A set of nice makeup brushes is a great investment and if you take care and clean your makeup brushes properly, they’ll last you a very long time.

How to take care and clean your makeup brushes properly

What kind of makeup brushes you need?

Makeup brushes are made from different types of materials, but there are two basic categories – natural hair brushes and brushes with synthetic fibers.

Brushes made from natural hair are made from the hairs of different animals such as squirrel, goat, pony etc, and the synthetic brushes are made from synthetic materials like nylon.

Some women think that the natural brushes are a better choice, but today there are many companies who make excellent synthetic brushes. If you can’t afford natural ones, don’t hesitate to buy synthetic brushes, because with regular care they will help you look perfect for a long time.

5 basic makeup brushes that you need

Powder brush (kabuki brush). This brush is the biggest, with long and fluffy hair and it usually has a short handle. You can apply powder foundation or mineral powder with it, all over your face, especially on the T-zone to eliminate the unnecessary oily glow.
Blush brush. The brush for applying powder blush is a little bit smaller than the powder brush but they’re really similar. Like the powder brush, the blush brush can also be rounded at the tip but it has a long handle. Sometimes blush brushes have long hair and they aren’t circular, but flatter on one side so the blush can be accurately applied and blended. With this type of brush you can easily apply blush on your cheeks, and the rounded ones can be also used for applying mineral powder.
Eyeshadow brush. This brush is small, with short hair that is cut straight but slightly rounded, it’s flat and you can apply eyeshadow on your eyelids wit it. It can pick any kind of eye shadow (compact or powder) precisely and it can pack the eyeshadow evenly on the outer and inner corner of your eye.
Blending brush. This is also a small brush (the same size as the eyeshadow brush), but it’s rounded and it has a round tip. With this brush, you can blend your eyeshadow so you won’t get a harsh lines. It’s great when you need blend two colors together or create the perfect smoky eyes.
Angled brush. It’s a really small brush, packed with a little more fibers and it’s usually synthetic. Its tip is cut at an angle. It’s used for applying gel or liquid eyeliner, because it makes the line perfectly straight and you can make thicker or thinner lines with it.

Optional: Lip brush. This brush is small, slightly wide and packed with a little more fibers. Its tip is cut like triangle. With it, you can accurately apply lipstick on your lips and line your lips perfectly. It’s mostly used for lipsticks with red or darker color.

How to take care and clean your makeup brushes

Makeup brushes shouldn’t be used for a long time because they tend to accumulate dust and germs. Here’  how to clean your makeup brushes:

Vinegar. Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with 1/2 cup of water and immerse your makeup brushes in the solution. Leave them for a few minutes and then rinse them with warm water. This is a great way to clean your makeup brushes naturally.
Baby shampoo. If you use makeup brushes with natural fibers, then baby shampoo is a great way to clean them. Apply a small amount of baby shampoo, rub your brushes gently and rinse them with lukewarm water. Then leave the brushes on a towel to dry. Try to find a way to dry them upside down so all the water will fall down from them. If you leave them to dry with their tip up, the water might fall in the brush and to loose the glue that holds the fibers.

Clean your lip brushes immediately after use, and the rest of them twice a week or more depending of how often you use them. Only in this way you ‘ll keep the dust and germs away from your face and you’ll extend the life of your brushes.

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