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The hottest spring makeup trends you must try

The hottest spring makeup trends you must try

Spring makeup is all about making your face look fresh and glowy. But by watching the catwalks and the designs of the best fashion designers, you can also see what kind of makeup will be popular this spring season. And it is clear – spring makeup should be colorful, fun and glamorous. Here are the hottest spring makeup trends you must try:

The hottest spring makeup trends you must try

The hottest spring makeup trends you must try

Spring makeup trend – Pastel colors

Many celebrities use pastel colors in their makeup, especially singers – they’re using a lot of pastel color themes in their music videos. So this spring use pastel color eyeshadows like baby pink, baby blue, light purple, bright yellow, lime green etc. Use these colors as a highlights or mix a couple of pastel colors for a fun look (pink and blue, yellow and purple, orange and green etc.). Use just a pastel color eyeshadow for a everyday look, or line your eyes for more dramatic look. The combinations and looks that you can do with pastel colors are endless.

Spring makeup trend – The ‘cat eye’

The classic ‘cat eye’ has been trendy for a few seasons now and it’s certainly still one of the favorite makeup looks of women all over the world. You can do just a minimal thin line for a more natural look, an extended wing and thicker line for a dramatic look, or you can copy the classic 60ties ‘cat eye’ which will make you look elegant and sophisticated. If you’re a beginner practice lining your eyes with black eye pencil, and after you feel more confident you can try lining your eyes with gel or liquid eyeliner.

Spring makeup trend – Matte lips

Matte colors are an absolute lip trend this spring season. But matte lipstick doesn’t have to mean dry lips. Many cosmetics brands have developed lipsticks that are matte, but also hydrating and nourishing. Also wearing matte lips doesn’t mean that it’ll make you look older, on the contrary – if you choose bright and fun color it’ll make you look more bright, fun and young. So this spring forget about the shiny and sticky lip glosses and go for the matte lipsticks.

Spring makeup trend – Fresh smokey eyes

Even though the classic smokey eyes are still popular, the ‘fresh’ smokey eyes will give freshness to this daring and seductive makeup look. The principle of applying makeup is the same, but this spring you can use shiny, bright eyeshadows  that will ‘open up’ your eyes. Choose silver, gold, bronze or light gray as a highlighter – the possibilities are endless. But of course use these colors to highlight the darker base color which should be the a darker shade of the highlighter color. Use black mascara and eye pencil to make the look more dramatic.

Spring makeup trend – Nude look

The nude, natural look is always popular and it’s still popular this spring season. Beige, caramel or soft brown eyeshadows are mainly used used to get this look. But this look is not about the eyeshadows, but about the complexion. So don’t do anything eccentric with the blush and bronzer either, just use a foundation and translucent powder that will make your skin nice and fresh and use tiny amount of pink, coral or caramel blush, just to give your cheeks a little freshness.

Spring makeup trend – Red lips

Again, his is one classic that never goes away. Nothing says glamour and chic like red lips. Red lips will stay with full force this spring season, so don’t forget to rock them. The shades of red lipstick are endless: You can use bright red, coral red, orange red or wine red – whatever red suits your skin color and complexion. Also wearing red lips is a great makeup for formal parties, combined just with simple liquid eyeliner and mascara.

Spring makeup trend – Purple lips

Purple is used in everything this season, from eyeshadows to clothes and accessories, and this season it’ll be used as a lip color too. Lipstick, especially matte in deep purple or violet color will mark this spring season. If you choose to wear this look, go with minimal eye makeup. You can just wear a mascara and nude color eyeshadow.

Spring makeup trend – Thick eyelashes

Another spring makeup trend is false eyelashes that make your eyes look big and dramatic. Also if you are a few of the lucky ones and you already have long and thick lashes, emphasize them with mascara that will make them longer and more voluminous. Use black liquid eyeliner to make your lashes look thicker. For the lips use matte lipstick in a fresh color.

Spring makeup trend – Blush as an eyeshadow

If you are brave enough to wear red eyeshadow, you should rock this spring makeup trend. But if you like something more subtle and natural, you can use your blush as an eyeshadow to contour and give a natural and fresh color to your eyes.

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