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Tips for fresh skin

If your skin is pale and tired, dry and looks like a faded flower, there is a need to act now! And without failure to bring the its freshness. Here is a special homemade program of 6 steps that will help your skin to cope with the dryness and stress.

Half an hour which does miracles. Learn how to relax more often, think of good things and be optimistic in your life. Lie down comfortably and put some pillows under your feet. But before you do that, apply some homemade mask on your face to take care of your tired skin.

The secret of Cleopatra. Preheat 1 liter of milk (without boiling it) and in another pot on a water bath warm a cup of honey. Then mix the honey and milk and add 2 teaspoons of almond oil. Mix it well and pour the mixture into your tub which you fill with warm water. After your bath your skin will become soft and smooth.

Moisturizing pack. An excellent treatment for withered skin is a juice from cucumber, which refreshed th skin and improves the blood circulation.

More vitamin C. The vitamin C is required for your skin to look young and refreshed and you can provide it with washing your face with 500ml of cold water in which you squeezed one lemon.

Not luxury, but a necessity – do not put up with that your skin ages. Start fighting it as much as possible in advance.

Natural shine. When you take care for the face, never forget the eyes. If you have dark circles under the eyes, place one tablespoon of curd in two thin linen towels (or pieces of cloth). Put them as a compresses on your eyes for 10 minutes. And against the bags under the eyes – leave in the freezer two pre-brew tea bags (preferably chamomile). Once they are cool or better frozen, place them onto your eyes.