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People have more virtual friends than real ones

People have more virtual friends than real ones

People today are more open to socializing online than in real life. New research shows that people on average have twice as many virtual friends than real ones.

People have more virtual friends than real onesOne research found out that the typical user of social networks have 121 online friends, and only 55 friends in real life.

Also, the data showed that one out of ten people has found his best friend online, and also one out of ten is the number of people who believe that they will gain real friends through the Internet.

Researchers found that people aren’t only willing to socialize online, but they’re more honest with their virtual friends.

Do you tend to search for a person online, instead of asking him/her for a phone number? Most people will answer ‘yes’. In an era of social networks, asking for a telephone number is out of date. Researchers found that only 5% of people have asked for the phone number of a new friend, and 23% have asked about the full name and surname to find the person online.

Don’t let the social networks be more important than interacting with someone in person. Leave the phone and computer and ask a friend for a coffee or a walk and enjoy a pleasant conversation face to face rather than online.