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5 Common Lies That Women Tell Men in Bed

5 Common Lies That Women Tell Men in Bed

To lie to your partner about intimacy is not good, but some women find it unavoidable. Experts say that most women tell a little lie when they want to keep their partner confident while they’re intimate. A lie from time to time may help you escape any unpleasant intimate situation. Here are 5 common lies that women tell men in bed and learn when it’s appropriate to tell a ‘sweet little lie’ and when it’s better to be honest.

5 Common Lies That Women Tell Men in Bed

Common lie that women tell men in bed #1

When you’re stressed and anxious about everyday life and problems, making love isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind. In this situation if you decide not to turn down your partner, the intimacy can sometimes be quite unpleasant. Then you usually start to explain yourself and say things like ‘don’t worry, it’s nothing’, ‘I’m too tired’ or ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ etc. If you care about your partner you should explain that you had a really bad day and intimacy is the last thing that comes to your mind. And if he cares about you, he’ll understand.

Common lie that women tell men in bed #2

Sometimes, you just want to be intimate with your partner so much, that you plan that evening a few days ahead.You go and buy beautiful lingerie, you groom yourself and do a great makeup and hairstyle. And when that evening comes, you say that you really didn’t expected that to happen when you really did. Women probably tell this little lie so that their partner won’t think that they’re easy to get.

Common lie that women tell men in bed #3

Pretending that you’re having a great time in bed when you’re clearly not in the mood isn’t a very honest and sincere action, but why women do that? Some women sometimes pretend that they have a great time in bed because they don’t want to disappoint their partner. Your partner may think that you’re having the time of your life, when you can actually think about something else like what chores you need to do the next day.

Common lie that women tell men in bed #4

Most women say that they must have deep feelings and be in love with a man to be intimate with him, but actually a very small number of them really believe in this and do this. Of course there are a lot of women who decide to make love only when they’re deeply in love with their partner, but there are also women who need to feel just some sort of attraction in order to be intimate with someone.

Common lie that women tell men in bed #5

Men usually want to feel strong and masculine and they want to feel like they’re the best lovers in the world, that’s why women tend to tell little lies like ‘that was amazing’ or ‘it was the best, ever’. Women do this to make men feel more confident and good about themselves.

Of course don’t fool yourself that only women tell lies in bed. Men must believe they are the best lovers in the world, but women want to hear that they are loved and this is where men lie the most. Lies like this help both genders to escape from some uncomfortable intimate situations.

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