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Does a woman’s G-spot really exist?

Does a woman's G-spot really exist

Disputes about the existence of the so-called G-spot doesn’t stop. Recent studies show that g-spot and vaginal orgasms don’t exist, but that women’s orgasm depends of many spots simulated simultaneously.
But nevertheless, here are nine facts about the g-spot:

Does a woman's G-spot really existDoes a woman’s G-spot really exist – Fact #1

It’s said that the g-spot is found and described in the ’40 of the last century by a German gynecologist, and in the last 70 years there have been numerous studies if the g-spot is related with the woman’s orgasm and the female libido.

Does a woman’s G-spot exist – Fact #2

The g-spot has many names such as ‘the sacred point’, ‘Area G’, ‘G-spot’ etc. The terms ’12 hour spot’, ‘female prostate’ and ‘internal trigger’ also describe this little spot on the front wall of the vagina.


Does a woman’s G-spot really exist – Fact #3

Experts say that it’s impossible to see the g-spot, because its outside it doesn’t differ from the surface of the vagina. It’s said that the g-spot can be detected only when searching for it with your fingers in the front wall of the vagina.

Does the G-spot exist – Fact #4

The vagina has nerve spots, making the surface of that part the body particularly sensitive and has a very small nerve nodes and most of them are located in the clitoral area. Some people think that women can experience different kinds of orgasm, but recent studies show that there’s only one kind of orgasm that’s achieved by stimulating different nerve spots simultaneously.

Does a woman’s G-spot really exist – Fact #5 

Some people say that the g-spot is ball of of nerve endings and nodes with a diameter of about 1 inch, and it’s located 1-2 inches from the entrance of the vagina on the front wall. It is believed that the ‘magic zone’ can be touched with fingers as a small gland near the bladder. It’s also said that finding the g-spot is difficult because of the many folds, which are in the same area where the spot is located.

Does a woman’s G-spot exist – Fact #6

People say that the best position which stimulates the g-spot is, when the man is on top and there’s a small pillow under the woman’s thighs or position when the woman is standing on her knees and rests her elbows on the bed. People say that these two positions create maximum conditions for the stimulation of the g-spot.

Does a woman’s G-spot really exist – Fact #7

Some women say that the stimulation of g-spot initially leads to a strong desire to urinate because it’s located near the bladder. But according to experts, this reaction is completely normal and shouldn’t stop the partners searching for pleasurable sensations.

Does the G-spot exist – Fact #8

According to statistics, not all women experience orgasm while having intercourse. 15% of them responded that they’ve searched the g-spot and implemented a number of efforts to stimulate it, but haven’t felt anything but discomfort and a desire to urinate.

Does a woman’s G-spot really exist – Fact #9

Modern medicine and gynecology in particular, not only differ in their views on the position of the g-spot, but they question the existence of such spot. Many experts deny its existence since the discovery of the German gynecologist because its existence is still not supported by sufficient research.

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