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Tips on How to Conceal a Double Chin With Makeup

Tips on How to Conceal a Double Chin With Makeup

Having a double chin can sometimes be annoying, especially when you want to take a great photo of yourself. And you have to admit, the most annoying part is when you capture the double chin in full view. The thing is that you don’t have to have few extra pounds to have double chin, some skinny women can also have it. The important thing is to learn howto get rid of the double chin and how to cover it.

You can do some home exercises to reduce the double chin that can help you to tighten and strengthen your neck muscles. Another way to hide a double chin is with clothing and accessories, but also you can use makeup to conceal it. Here are some tips on how to conceal a double chin with makeup:

How to Conceal a Double Chin With Makeup

Conceal a double chin with makeup – Clean and moisturize

Before applying makeup to your chin and neck you need to clean your skin. Wash your chin and neck with gentle cleanser and pat dry. Apply a good moisturizer and leave your skin to soak it properly. This step is important so you’ll have a proper base for your makeup.

Conceal a double chin with makeup – Foundation

If you want to cover your double chin, you need to choose a foundation that’s one or two shades darker than your normal foundation. The dark color will help you to hide the imperfections. Just make sure that you blend everything well so you won’t have visible lines. Apply your normal foundation to the rest of your face and blend everything.

Conceal a double chin with makeup – Bronzer

After you apply your foundation, contour your face with a bronzer. The bronzer will help you to define your jaw line and it’ll conceal the double chin. Apply bronzer just below your jaw and blend it towards your neck. Contour your jaw behind your left ear and finish behind your right ear. Also apply some bronzer under your cheekbones to make your face look slimmer. Apply some blush on your cheeks and highlight the bridge of your nose, the center of your forehead, the center of your chin and your cupid’s bow. The important thing about this step is to blend everything well.

Conceal a double chin with makeup – Set your makeup

After applying your foundation, bronzer, highlighter and blush, use translucent powder to set your makeup. From powder field will look good as it will cover relaxation.

Conceal a double chin with makeup – Eyes

Pay particular attention to the makeup of the eyes because you need to accentuate your eyes to get the attention away from your chin. That’s why you should use a little bit more makeup on your eyes and less on your lips. Also it’s crucial to define your brows too.

Conceal a double chin with makeup – Lips

It is important to use light-colored lipstick to hide the double chin. If you apply a dark colored lipstick, it’ll enhance your jaw line. You must get the attention to the other parts of your face like your eyes and brows, for example.

Conceal a double chin with makeup – Additional tips

Smile with your tongue placed behind your upper teeth. Place the tip of the tongue behind your upper teeth and try to touch the roof of your mouth with the center of your tongue. This way your chin will tighten and it’ll stay tight until you relax your tongue. This is useful when you take pictures, but not so much when you need to talk. At the beginning it’ll be strange to smile and pose this way, but once you try it in front of the mirror, you’ll see that your smile still looks natural.

You can also wear a light scarf to conceal a double chin. Nowadays there are tons of modern scarves that you can choose from. Also shirts with high collar can completely cover your neck and you won’t worry about the double chin.

When you take photos, lift your camera up, bring your head slightly forward and tilt it to one side. This way your neck will tighten and your double chin won’t show on the photo.

Try to always maintain a good posture. Sitting or standing incorrectly is a way to make your muscles relax, including your neck muscles. Having a bad posture in not only bad for your spine but also for your appearance. Try to sit up straight, with a straight head and shoulders.

Use sunscreen on your neck. We use sunscreen on our face, but we forget to protect the delicate skin of our neck. Long sun exposure reduces the elasticity of the skin and over the years it can get saggy. This is why you need to also use sunscreen on your neck.

And the last and probably the most important thing is to not create unrealistic expectations about your appearance. Getting fine lines and saggy skin on your neck is a normal part in the process of aging. Take care of your appearance, but don’t go to extremes.

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