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Clothes can make you look taller

Clothes can make you look taller

Not every woman feels proud of her height. There are thousands of women worldwide who have a nice body, but they are not confident because they are short. If you want to visually increase your height, clothing can help. Here’s how clothes can make you look taller :

Clothes can make you look tallerTell ‘no’ to the black. Black clothing will help you hide a few pounds, but at the expense of you looking visually shorter.

Wear blouses and shirts with vertical lines. The thin vertical lines will extend your figure.

Wear crop tops. Long tops and sweaters are not the best choice for you if you aim to look higher.

Accentuate your legs. Define your waist with a belt. It will make your legs to look longer, and you’ll look higher. Your legs will also look longer, if you wear tights with the same color as the color of the skirt or the shoes.

Wear high heels. Heels add several inches to your height. High heels aren’t very comfortable, but it is a price to pay if you want to look tall.

And hey, don’t be sad and look at the positive side – You can wear extremely high and stylish heels and you still you won’t be taller than your boyfriend.

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