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Accent your eyes with beautiful eyelashes

The eyes are the mirror of the soul, but also a powerful weapon in the conquest of the men’s hearts. Women are making big efforts so their eyes will always look fantastic.

The best way to highlight the beauty of your eyes and make them look irresistible is with the eyelashes. And to give your eyelashes a seductive look, you will need to learn the following tips:

Curling your eyelashes:
Curling your eyelashes takes less than a minute, and it greatly improves the overall appearance of the eyes. So, take your eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes, taking into account the advice of experts.

Brush the eyelashes with a small brush to clean them (you can use an old clean mascara brush).
Using a hair dryer heat the curler a little bit. Just blow with the hair dryer for a few seconds.
Press the lashes gently and stay in that position for 30 seconds, but no longer. Switch to the other eye, then immediately start applying mascara.
Always use the eyelash curler before applying mascara.

Applying mascara:
Whether you want with the makeup to achieve a natural or glamorous look, mascara is a product that should not be skipped. Use only foundation, mascara and lip gloss for everyday natural look, and save the stronger makeup and for the evening.

Here are the basic steps for applying mascara:
Remove the brush from the bottle and using a napkin wipe it gently to remove lumps and excess mascara.
Keep your eyes open, your eyelids fixed and place the mascara brush at the base of the eyelashes. Start applying it with the zig-zag motion, moving up toward the tips of the eyelashes. When you get to the middle, pull the brush with a straight move through your lashes to increase their length.
Comb through the lashes with a comb that you use for that purpose (you can use a small doll’s comb, for example Barbie’s), and wait about 30 seconds for the first layer to dry before you apply the second.
If you  applied mascara somewhere on the skin of the face, do not panic. Wait for it to dry, because it is easier to remove it that way. If you immediately begin to remove the mascara with cotton pad, it will smear and you will make a bigger mess.

5 tips for eyelashes and mascaras:

1. Prior to applying mascara, put a little transparent powder on your lashes. That way the mascara will easily coat the eyelashes.
2. Do not dispose of the brush from your favorite mascara. You can wash it and use it again if you think that it does a good job. Some women buy a beautiful expensive mascara, then they keep the brush and they use it in combination with cheaper mascaras.
3. Clean the brush of your mascara at least once a month to prevent the formation of lumps.
4. If you are blonde, do not use black mascara during the day because it will make you look unnatural. Choose brown.
5. On your eyelashes apply some castor or olive oil. Leave the oil to act for 30 minutes while you hold your eyes closed and remove it with a cotton pad. It will help you have stronger eyelashes, and some believe that the castor oil makes the eyelashes to grow longer.

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