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Wrinkles show the man’s personality

Wrinkles can show the man's personality

It turns out that the wrinkles on your man’s face show a lot about his character.

Horizontal fine lines (from one to three) or wrinkles on his forehead show the fact that he is calm, confident, with strong, vibrant and harmonious personality. It is very difficult for such a man to get into fights and arguments.

Wrinkles can show the man's personalityMore than three wrinkles on his forehead also indicate a strong character. This man is open, willing to experiment with almost anything including love.

Men with short or wavy lines on the forehead can be quite superficial. In real life he is interested in himself in the first place. If such wrinkles are located at the top of his forehead, it means that this one can easily get out of control.

Lack of wrinkles on the forehead is signal of a male indifference.

Vertical or frown lines, deep or fine that are located above his nose suggest that this man sees only what he wants. The rest remains away from his attention. Also these lines indicate that the man will hold firmly to his opinion.

More than two lines above the nose are typical for men who tend to think too much. They also have impulsive temperament and difficult personalities.

Wrinkles on both sides of the nose close to the mouth (smile lines) are an indicator that he is a sensual person. He is a serious type and relates well with people. The lack of such lines speak of a highly developed sensitivity and impressionability. This man can also often be anxious and nervous.

Wrinkles located on the lower part of his cheek close to the tip of his chin means that the man is sentimental, quiet and self-disciplined person.

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