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Why women like bad boys

Why women like bad boys - why women fall for bad guys

Most women have ran on a bad boy at least once in their lifetime, and a good number of them failed to resist his charm. Bad boys are arrogant, selfish, possessive, they don’t worry about anything, they avoid emotional connection, break the rules, humiliate and underestimate people around you… They are just bad. But what’s that thing in them that attracts women?

Bad boys are the cure for boredom. There is always something going on around them, they are always involved in a tense situation. Bad boys never stay in one place, they are always ready for action. Women often ‘fall’ for this type of guys once they get out of a long relationship in which they were bored.

Why women like bad boys - why women fall for bad guys

Bad boys are the ‘forbidden fruit’

It seems that the more advice to stay away from a particular person women get, the more interested they are. And many women go out alone to find out what is so bad about these guys. There are so many cases when friends that tell a girl not to mess with a bad boy or¬†parents that don’t allow their daughter to have a bad boy for a boyfriend, but for some reason their desire to have the ‘forbidden fruit’ is just growing. Of course, they face the consequences sooner or later.

Bad boys don’t live according to the rules, they make their own rules

For them, there is no speed limit sign, there is not a rule not to drive under the influence of alcohol, there is no such thing as a seat belt. Their attitude often is ‘I don’t care about anything’ and it is a dangerous act, but the danger sometimes can act as an aphrodisiac.

Bad boys are mysterious

The mystery attracts women like a strong magnet, and bad boys use that in their conquest of women. Bad boys are mysterious in terms of what happens to them, and also with their feelings, and it is scientifically proven that women are more interested in men that don’t give them clear signals. Bad boys create an illusion that they have a dark side or a secret that nobody knows and many women like that.

Bad boys are exciting and unpredictable

You can predict what a good guy will do, for example he will take you to a romantic dinner, but you’ll never know where you will end the night with a mysterious man, maybe you’ll be having fun in a secret mountain cottage or you will be dancing in a party in a nearby town. Many women love the thrill of danger and the dose of adrenalin that they feel with a bad boy.

Bad boys are dominant and protective

Since prehistoric time, men were protecting women and made them feel safe and protected when they were with them. Bad boys leave the impression that they know how to protect women, so it is no wonder that many women end up in their arms.

Bad boys are persistent when they want to have a woman

Bad boys will never stand shyly at the bar deciding for the hundredth time whether to approach the beauty that stands 2 feet next to him. He gets up and chase her. And when she wants to break loose, he does not give up easily and he will try until he hears ‘Yes’ from her. Many women want to be ‘hunted’ and conquered.

Bad boys have rebel spirit

Everyone has a rebellious spirit, but bad boys are the experts and they show it. They can make you want to go crazy and to have a strength inside you that make you oppose all and everything around you.

Bad boys know how to firmly say ‘no’

Good guys are often manipulated by women, so their woman can much easier get what she want. Some may be surprised or oppose this, but many women are attracted to men who know how to say ‘no’, ‘ that is enough’, or ‘stop it already’.

Bad boys are confident

Women are not attracted by the fact that the bad boys are simply bad, but rather that they shine with masculine power and great confidence. Confidence is sexy and acts as a magnet for women.

Bad boys are a challenge

Advice from good friends such as ‘Don’t mess with him, he will break your heart’, some women just perceive it as challenge. They desire to prove to everyone that they are not right and they run straight into the arms of bad boy. Women are caring by nature and believe that they can change the bad boy and bring him on track. Some women in a bad boy see a problematic person, so the challenge is to transform him. Most of the times they don’t succeed.

Bad boy is fun, but he is definitely not fun when you plan a future with him. He is attractive until you realize that his bad qualities significantly outnumber the good.

The ideal husband is probably a good guy with a pinch of bad. But does the perfect man exist?

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