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6 reasons why you are still single

reasons why you are still single

Although many women constantly receive attention and compliments, and they are aware that they can easily attract men, for various reasons they choose to remain single and not to get into a relationship. So, girls if you are not aware why you’re still single, find out which are the six main reasons why you are still single.

6 reasons why you are still single

You hated the last relationship

There is almost no human being that hasn’t been through a separation and heartbreak. And yes, separations cause pain and bitterness, but they shouldn’t be reason enough to spend your life looking negatively¬†towards the opposite sex. Give yourself some time to heal, and to completely move on from your previous boyfriend and make a room for a fresh start.

You rarely go out and you love to stay at home

Maybe you love watching TV series or you like to stay all day on your computer, but sitting at home will not make your admirers knock on your door. Instead of online contacts, make contacts with your eyes, in person. Get out with your girlfriends at least two or three times a week and you’re surely find someone that is right for you.

You are too timid and shy

Shyness can make it hard for you to talk with men, and that’s too bad, because you can’t show your colorful personality and you can’t let yourself shine. Focus on overcoming your shyness, and talk often with a male friend and colleague. It will help you to be more relaxed when you are in the company of the opposite sex.

You are obsessed with the idea to find someone

Don’t get obsessed with your love life and the idea of finding someone. In order to keep your eyes open and not to miss the right man for you, finding a man shouldn’t be your primary purpose in life. Don’t wonder why you’re still single, just relax, have fun and be happy. Men are attracted to women filled with happiness and serenity.

You are too demanding

Your list of things and traits that your partner should posses is too long? You have planned in your head that you want a tall, handsome, blue-eyed businessman, who is extremely careful, thoughtful and always makes your wishes come true? The likelihood that this man exist is too small. And furthermore, searching for your ideal man can stop you to see the other great boys that are waiting for you and keep you wondering why you’re still single.

You think he should fall in love with you for the character, rather than your appearance

If you neglect your beauty and appearance, not so many people will try to reach to you and see your inner beauty. Nobody says that you should be a supermodel, but your look should be at least a little bit important to you. Makeup will increase your confidence, and will make you more attractive.

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