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New excuse for men against shopping is impotence

Men now have an excuse to avoid shopping, since scientists discovered that it can make them impotent.

The reason for this is the chemical Bisphenol A, which is contained in some of the receipts, which can suppress male hormones in the body.

The substance which makes the ink visible on the thermal sensitive paper is absorbed by the men when they take the receipt and then touch their mouth or touch some food.

“This substance can alter the balance of sex hormones in men in favor of the estrogen (the female sex hormone). In the long term it reduces the sexual desire, stimulates the  growth of the abdomen instead of the muscles and have negative effects on erections and potency.

Bisphenol A is contained in cans, shower curtains, toys and baby bottles. Besides suppressing the male hormone, the substance can lead to premature puberty in girls and expose them to greater risk of cancer or diabetes.

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