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Look and feel good without clothes

Look and feel good without clothes

There probably isn’t one single woman that loves every part of her body and is absolutely carefree when she needs to be without clothes. Although the majority of men don’t notice the little flaws that women see on themselves, the female mind is always filled with self-critical thoughts.

The lack of confidence can affect every area of your life, especially on being intimate. So, for a moment forget about the few extra pounds, cellulite or small breasts. You have to know that you’re beautiful, unique and there is no one like you. You have to keep this in mind, and start to build a better self image for yourself.

Here are some tips that will help you to love and accept your body and feel sexy when you step naked in front of the eyes of your partner.

Look and feel good without clothes

Have nourished body

You don’t need to have the perfect body to look beautiful. Having nourished and moisturized skin will increase your confidence in many different ways, and men can not resist touching the soft and silky skin. Therefore, make sure to have your own skin care routine for your body.

1. Keeping your body in good shape is very important and will make you feel good in your skin. Don’t wait for summer to come to go to the gym. Exercising can do wonders for your confidence. But even if you are not regularly active and you don’t have time for the gym, you can spend 20-30 minutes a day for some easy home exercises. You’ll see that by just being physically active  you will feel more confident.
2. Velvety skin will make you feel sexy and longed to be touched. To have soft and silky skin, you must not forget the trusted homemade body scrub. Use body scrub once a week and use body butter or body lotion daily. Not only your skin will become softer, but the process of spreading the product on the body will help you to be in direct contact with your skin and you’ll feel more relaxed when you are naked.
3. Smooth and silky body is a must. Before you take your clothes off, don’t forget about the hair removal. If you’re brave enough, you can choose to remove every single hair on your bikini area.
4. When you have no clothes on you, the small details are important too. Manicure and pedicure will instantly make you look sexy. Perfume is must because it is the only thing that you will ‘wear’.
5. Soft wavy hair is feminine, romantic and sexy. Let your hair fall naturally on your shoulder and don’t use hair spray or hair mousse.

Set the atmosphere

You have to be in good mood to take off your clothes, so you need to set the atmosphere. The light is very important, because different lightning makes different effect. If the light source is coming from over your head, then it is more likely that some your flaws might show. So, turn off the lights from the ceiling. To create a romantic atmosphere use candles because they have a very flattering light or if you don’t want to use candles, use a scarf to dim the light from the lamp on your nightstand. If you stand in front of the light source, your body will look slimmer.

Have a good posture

Nobody looks nice if it is standing or sitting with crouched shoulders. Good posture will make your body look better. Celebrities use many tricks while posing on the red carpet.

1. Resist the temptation to suck your stomach in, because it will look unnatural and stiff.
2. Always stand straight up, with a straight spine. Imagine that you have a book on your head and you need to balance it. This position will help you to elongate every part of your body, especially the neck and belly.
3. Pull your shoulders back – it will emphasize your chest area. While standing, slightly turn the upper body on one side.
4. Whether you sit, walk or stand, put one foot in front of the other, that way your body will look slimmer.
5. If you want your legs look longer when sitting, point your toes down towards the ground.

Love your body

No matter if it’s summer, St. Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year, first you have to love and respect yourself, so others around you can love and respect you.

1. Spend more time in front of a mirror without clothes. Remember the things that you like about yourself and repeat them every time you look yourself in the mirror. Focus on the things that you like about your body.
2. To be comfortable with your own body while you are naked, you should spend more time with no clothes on. If you are alone at home, spend some time naked. Do not rush to put your clothes on immediately after you take your shower. Play your favorite music and dance naked.
3. Throw the clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. You shouldn’t be wearing too tight clothes or colors or prints like animal print or red to be sexy. You should choose clothes that fit you right and accentuate your beautiful traits.
4. Do not compare yourself with other women. If you do this, you will find a million flaws. You shouldn’t waste time with comparisons, because it will only lower your self confidence.
5. Forget the famous people you see in magazines and on TV, their appearance seems flawless because of professional makeup artists, excessive photoshopping etc. Love who you are and try your best to one day stand before the mirror and love your body.

You are beautiful and unique in so many different ways. Nobody has body like yours, so show it off with pride.

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