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Few steps before you go out

Autumn is the season that is frequently changing moods. To keep your skin beautiful is to care for it daily. Your face is exposed to sun, humidity and wind. Sudden temperature changes are a real challenge for the whole organism, and that is why you should create some good habits.

1. Always clean your skin in the morning. Use moisturizer.

2. Eat at least one fruit before heading out. Switch to more milk and raw nuts.

3. Before applying makeup, hydrate your skin again. Use creams rich in almond oil or olive oil. They are most appropriate for autumn and winter. Apply a thin layer and let it to absorb. This procedure is done at least 15 minutes before going out.

4. Wear light make-up daily. Keep your eyebrows well-shaped, in combination with lined eyes with brown or black eye pencil and mascara. A little blush is also suitable to give some glow to your face. Lipstick or lip gloss will add the final touch. If you do not like lipstick or lip gloss use chapstick at least. This will protect your lips.

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