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Tips for choosing and applying mascara

Mysterious and enigmatic, or natural and charming, you can achieve the desired look if you choose the right mascara to emphasize your eyes. With the new professional mascaras on the market you can look different and challenging.

Mascara is reinforcing the effects of eye makeup and makes your eyes more expressive. Only a few hand movements and your eyelashes will make you look more beautiful and fresh.

Here are some additional recommendations. Every woman has different eyelashes, but for all the basic rule is that the mascara makes your eyes look more impressive and more expressive. However, the choice of mascara is different depending on your eyelashes. Some women need to extend their eyelashes, some more volume.

For each type of lashes there is suitable mascara. If you want to have more durable makeup, you should choose waterproof mascara. Before you apply your mascara, pass your fingers through your eyelashes, from the outer to the inner corner of the eye to split the lashes and to prevent adhesion.

For more volume, move the brush vertically to the top of the eyelashes and make slight lateral movements. For additional length, hold the brush at the base of the lashes and a few seconds and the pull. Also explore the different mascaras to find the most suitable for you. Then enjoy your beautiful lashes.

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