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Powerful women cheat equally as powerful men

Power gives confidence to people and makes them more inclined to cheat, says new research. And that applies equally to men and women.

Dutch scientists made a research and found out that powerful women cheat as much as the powerful men because their confidence is bigger and it is a factor of committing adultery.

Psychologist Joris Lammers says that women that have good jobs are prone to sexual infidelity as men. Together with his colleagues, he conducted online research with the participation of 1561 men and women from which 58% had a management positions, 22% were supervisors, 14% were middle level managers, and 6% were part of top management. All of them were questioned about past affairs and their desire to cheat, and also the level of confidence was measured.

Researchers found out that the biggest factors that affect the desire to cheat of participants were self-confidence and power.

‘People assume that powerful men are more inclined to cheat. We found that, among powerful people, the sex does not play any role in  the desire for infidelity’- Lammers said.