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Tips and recipe for soft and firm hands

It’s said that the years of a woman are shown by her hands, so your hands also need everyday care.

So here are few tips:

1. Put on rubber gloves when using soap and detergents. When the weather starts to get cold, put gloves when going out for a walk. The cold will dehydrate the skin. .
2. Avoid long expose your hands in the sun or protect them by applying sunscreen in before you go out, preferably with a great factor.
3. Be careful what you eat, because it affects your skin. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit
4. Cigarettes and alcohol accelerate the aging of the skin.
5. Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.
6. Get used to put cream to keep skin on your hands young and beautiful. The  moisturizing creams are suitable for summer and in winter as a protection against the cold. Creams are applied on washed and dry hands with light massaging movements in the direction from the fingers to the wrist.

Recipe for a homemade nourishing cream:

Ingredients: 100 g glycerin, 40 g stearin,  4 g spermaceti or bee wax, 4 g of potassium carbonate, 250 g of rose water.

Glycerin, stearin and spermaceti or bee wax are heated until melted, then add the mixed potassium carbonate with the rose water. Stir until bubbly. Leave the cream on low fire for couple of minutes, then pour and stir in a warm container.