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Swearing helps to reduce pain

You hit your fingers with the door and you want to swear? Do it. If scientists are right, you will reduce the pain that you feel, especially if you usually do not use swearing words.

British researchers have once again confirmed that swearing helps to reduce pain and this effect is greatest in people who use very little ’embarrassing’ words in everyday communication.

During the survey, 70 students were divided into two groups – one in which students were swearing less than 10 times a day, and the second were the ones that swear up to 40 times a day.

All they had to do is keep their hands immersed in very cold water as much as possible. To the students of the first group was told to repeat a simple word, and to the second was told to repeat curses of their choice.

Participants who do not usually use swear words, while they were cursing, they could stand with their hands in the water up to 45 seconds more than the people who were constantly swearing. However, those participants who were using daily swearing could withstand only 10 seconds more.

Researchers advised not to use ‘shameful’ language on a daily basis so you will get more benefit from it when you are really feeling a great pain.