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7 Last-minute wedding-day things to do

7 Last-minute wedding-day things to do

The wedding season is approaching, and if you’re the bride you probably have a ton of things to do before you say ‘I do’. But you have to take some time for yourself because no woman wants to look tired and exhausted on her wedding day. And even though your wedding dress is very important, the most important thing is your body, face and mood so you’ll look great in your dress.

Take the day before your wedding to prepare for your wonderful wedding day. Here are 7 last-minute wedding-day things to do:

7 Last-minute wedding-day things to do

Last-minute wedding-day things to do – The day before your wedding

Have a good night’s sleep

To be able to have a great mood on your wedding day and to look fresh and relaxed, you need to be well rested. And even thought you’ll probably be too excited to fall asleep the night before your wedding, try to have enough peaceful sleep and deep sleep. Drink a cup of warm milk or chamomile tea, spray your pillow with lavender mist and try not to think about anything. Just keep in mind that the tired face and eyes can’t be covered with makeup.

Have a fresh face

Having a fresh and glowing face on your wedding day is very important. So make sure to clean your face properly and make some DIY homemade facial mask. But even though homemade face masks are completely natural and gentle, make sure that you’ve used the face mask at least one before, so you’ll know that you aren’t allergic to a certain fruit or ingredient in the homemade facial mask.

Have a smooth body

Don’t wait for the actual wedding day to come to start waxing your body. It’s best to wax your body at least one day before your wedding (two days are even better) so your skin will have a chance to calm down until the next day. A nice smooth body will definitely increase your self-esteem and you’ll feel more sexy especially on your wedding night.

Manicure and Pedicure

Make sure that you’re doe with your manicure and pedicure the previous day so you’ll have more time for your hair and makeup on your actual wedding day. And before going to bed, make sure that you do a relaxing foot massage, it’ll help you fall asleep faster make, and it’ll be easier to wear high heels all day and dance in them.

Last-minute wedding-day things to do – On your wedding day

Hair and Makeup

Make-up is an important part of your bridal look. Your goal with makeup is to highlight your beautiful traits and to conceal the flaws. Although it’s your wedding day and you can wear whatever makeup you want, you shouldn’t overdo it. If you aren’t feeling too confident to apply your makeup by yourself, ask a friend or family member that knows makeup or hire a professional makeup artist. After all, you’ll take a lot of pictures and you want to look your best. Also hire a hairstylist to do your bridal hairstyle.

Don’t forget the perfume

It’s important that you choose a perfume that you love and make it last a really long time because it’ll always remind you of you wedding day when you smell it. Here’s a tip: If you want your perfume to last longer, add a tiny bit of Vaseline on your wrists and spray it there. Another thing that you can do is to apply some unscented body lotion or cream on your neck before spraying the perfume. It’s no secret that perfume last longer when it’s sprayed on an oily surface.

And finally the ultimate beauty tip – Be happy, because happy brides are the most beautiful.

Extra last-minute wedding-day tips

Wear sexy underwear. Wearing a sexy underwear will make you feel sexy and will certainly make your husband really hay on your wedding night.
Don’t drink too much alcohol. You’ll probably have to drink a glass or two of champagne when you do your toasts but don’t overdo it. The excessive consumption of alcohol will ruin your good mood. It’s also very important not to drink on an empty stomach. You don’t have to overeat, but shouldn’t be hungry, because you risk to get drunk from 2-3 glasses of alcohol and miss the celebration.
Have fun. Hey, it’s your wedding day. Forget all the bad things and let yourself to enjoy one of the happiest days of your life.

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