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5 Braided hairstyles that are perfect for spring

5 Braided hairstyles that are perfect for spring

Hair stylists and fashion designers usually bring new braided hair trends that conquer the runways. Hollywood stars usually accept the braided hair trend and so do we. And many celebrities have rocked a braided hairstyle at least once, and some of them do it quite often.

Considering that a braids are an easy and stylish alternative to the classic ponytail, and they can be suitable for both casual and glamorous look, it is no wonder that their popularity is steadily increasing. But when you think braids, don’t think of an old fashioned classic braid, instead think of a uniquely braided hair and many modern braided spring hairstyles.

Like it or not, the warm spring air will force you to tie your hair from time to time, so why not wearing a stylish braid? Here are 5 braided hairstyles that are perfect for spring:

5 Braided hairstyles that are perfect for spring

Spring braided hairstyle – Messy side braid

Messy braid worn on one side is really easy and simple spring hairstyle to make and you can do it in just a few seconds. Actually it’s so easy to make that you can literally do it while you’re getting ready to go to work or school, and it’s great if you have a bad hair day. What you have to do is to braid a simple braid on one side and make it a little bit messy but pulling a few strands from it.

Another thing that you can do to make this spring hairstyle more fun is to add an interesting hair clip or place a pretty hairband on your head.

Braided spring hairstyle – ‘Milkmaid’ braid

If you rocked the ‘milkmaid’ braid 5 or 6 years ago you would’ve certainly get negative comments and laughs behind your back, but today if you wear the ‘milkmaid’ braid, you’ll probably get a bunch of compliments.

The ‘milkmaid’ braid looks youthful and bohemian, and it also looks like you’re wearing a headband or a crown. Hair stylist recommend that you do the ‘milkmaid’ braid high on your head so it’ll look like a crown made of hair. Additionally you can make the ‘milkmaid’ brad more beautiful by braiding a thin piece of ribbon along with your braid. This hairstyle is great for casual and everyday looks.

Spring braided hairstyle – ‘Fishtail’ braid

The ‘fishtail’ braid always looks interesting and unique because it has a really intricate texture. Many Hollywood ladies used the ‘wow’ effect that this braid gives. ‘Fishtail’ braid is quite easy to make if you don’t have layers, it’s slightly tricky to make if you have layered hair, but the little loose strands can be fixed with hairspray and few hairpins.

So, don’t think too much and try this hot spring hair trend. The only think that you need to look after to get a perfect ‘fishtail’ braid is to take strands of hair that are the same thickness and to braid them slightly tighter. Messy fishtail braid also looks great, but you can clearly see the intricate texture when the braid is neater.

Braided sprin hairstyle – ‘Waterfall’ braid

If you do a waterfall braid, you’ll definitely get a fun spring hairstyle. Although the waterfall braid seems complicated at first glance, once you do it, you’ll find that it’s actually very simple to make.

The best thing about the waterfall braid is that it’s really versatile and you wear it with casual or more sophisticated outfit. You can also add a few details here and there and make it more interesting. You can also finish the rest of your hair with a plain braid, ‘fishtail’ braid on one side or just leave the rest of your hair free and decorate the waterfall braid with interesting hairpins.

Also, you can either braid your hair on one side only, or you can do it on both sides and finish it in the middle.

Spring braided hairstyle – ‘Rope’ braid

The ‘rope’ braid is in no way your typical ordinary braid and it also looks very glamorous and intriguing, so it’s not limited to casual everyday looks but you can also wear it for special occasions too.

Ever wondered how this braid stays so neat without getting loose? The trick is to turn the two separate strands of hair in one direction, and then to wrap them both in the opposite way. For example, twist the two strands of hair on the right side and then wrap them together in the opposite side (on the left).

This look is very difficult to achieve if you have layers, because then you won’t get that shiny and sleek effect. In that case, try to tame your hair with hairspray, hair wax or hair gel.

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