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8 Body language signs that say he’s interested

8 Body language signs that say he's interested

Have you ever talked to a guy that you like and you’ve wondered if he’s interested in you too? To be sure that he likes you you need to know how to read the basic body language signs of men. His body language signs will always help you to determine whether he likes you or not. So, here are the most common 8 body language signs that say he’s interested:

8 Body language signs that say he's interested

His mouth is slightly open

Men instinctively breathe with an open mouth, when they’re in the presence of women that they like. So if he opens his mouth slightly from time to time when he’s looking at you, that’s a sign that says he’s interested in you.

He spreads his nostrils

If you didn’t see the previous body language sign, you’ll certainly notice this one. Again, when men are in a company of a woman that they like, their heart beats faster and they also breathe faster and deeper. The deep breaths make him to spread his nostrils and it’s a sign that he likes you.

He tries to attract your attention

If he likes you, he’ll do everything that he can so you won’t stop looking at him and giving him your attention. And the things that he does to keep your attention depend on his character. For example, he might be telling you various interesting stories, cracking jokes or just asking questions. If you notice that he does everything just to keep your attention, it’s a sight that he’s interested.

He keeps his eyes fixed on you

This is probably one of the most obvious man body language signs that say he’s interested. If he’s constantly looking into your eyes and rarely looks anywhere else, he wants to show you that all his attention is just for you. But it’s also good to know that if he often checks you out from your head to your toes and rarely looks into your eyes, then he probably wants to have you for one night and might not be interested for a relationship.

He raises his eyebrows

A raised brow is another body language sign that say he’s interested. People instinctively raise their eyebrows because it makes their eyes look bigger, full of light and attractive. So if he has open eyes and raised eyebrows, he’s really interested and tries hard for you to like him. If you find yourself talking to a man with a ‘sleepy’ look – don’t waste your time. It is best to avoid these types of men, because the ‘sleepy eyes’ might indicate that he finds you boring.

He’s playing with his hair

Actually this is a body language sign that probably women do more than men. But playing with his hair and running his finger through it might indicate that he’s slightly nervous because he really likes you. He also might be trying to ‘fix’ his hairstyle in order to look more attractive to you.

He’s playing with his glass

If he’s switching his glass from one hand to the other, he wants to show you that he’s really interested. It’s a another body language sign that people do when they’re little bit nervous because they’re in the presence of someone that they like.

He’s getting closer to you

If you notice that he’s getting closer and closer to you when you’re speaking it’s a body language sign that shows that he wants to be closer to you. And actually this is one body language sign that you can easily spot. Just pay attention from time to time if he’s getting closer to you or not and you’ll know if he’s interested or not.

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