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How to apply your lipstick perfectly

how to apply your lipstick perfectly

The lipstick is one of the most used makeup product. Millions of women around the world use it to finish their makeup look. No makeup is complete without a little lip color.

But because it is so often used, many women underestimate the procedure for its application and don’t know how to apply their lipstick perfectly. A badly applied lipstick can make it hard for you to achieve a glamorous and clean look. So here are a few tips and tricks how to apply your lipstick perfectly.

How to apply your lipstick perfectly - tips and tricks

5 steps on how to apply your lipstick perfectly

Exfoliate your lips. No mater how professionally you apply your lipstick, if your lips are cracked and flaked you won’t be satisfied how your lipstick looks. You can make your own homemade lip scrub and remove the dead skin cells from your lips. If you are in a hurry and you do not have time to do full lips exfoliation, brush your lips with your toothbrush when you brush your teeth in the morning. That will get rid of the unpleasant flaky skin and you will get a perfectly smooth lips.
Soften your lips. Apply moisturizing lip balm. Leave it for 1-2 minutes and remove it with a paper towel. The skin of your lips will get softer and you will be able to evenly apply your lipstick.
Apply primer. An ideal base for lipstick is an eye primer. Take a small amount of eye primer and apply it on your lips, then place a thin paper towel on your lips and apply a transparent powder or mineral powder on it. It is a little trick that will help the lipstick last longer, and it will prevent the unpleasant smudges.
Line your lips. Before you apply your lipstick, take a lip pencil to outline and fill in your lips. Use a lip pencil which is the same shade as the lipstick or in a color that matches your lips. How to perfectly line your lipsPlace your elbow on a stable base to avoid movements and smudges. With a lip pencil place 3 dots in the middle of your upper lip (your cupid’s bow), in a ‘V’ shape. Connect the dots and move from your cupid’s bow to your lip corners. Do the outlining with short strokes. On your lower lip, outline your lips from the center to the corners.
Fill in with lipstick. To be more precise and not smudge the the lines that you have drawn with the lip pencil, use a lip brush to apply your lipstick. Start from the center and apply the lipstick to one corner and then to the other corner of your lips. Open your mouth so you can perfectly apply lipstick on the corners. Some women prefer to apply their lipstick applied with their finger or directly with the lipstick bullet.

More helpful tips on how to apply your lipstick perfectly

Applying lipstick is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some helpful tips that will save you from embarrassing situations and let you get the maximum use of your lipstick:

Lip gloss will make your lips fuller. For more glamorous look, apply lip gloss after you apply your lipstick. If you want your lips to look fuller, apply lip gloss only to the center of your lips.
Your lipstick can be a cream blush too. The only thing that you have to avoid is to not apply the lipstick directly to your cheeks. Apply a bit on your fingers, warm it between the tips of your fingers and apply it on your cheeks. On the other hand, don’t use cream blush as a lipstick – it will dry out your lips and make them chapped and flaky.
Older women shouldn’t choose matte lipstick. Even though matte lipstick makes you look more ‘mature’, having a bit of shine on your lips will actually make you look younger. You don’t have to use lip gloss, a moisturizing lipstick with a bit of shine is perfect.
Don’t throw your lipstick if you don’t like the color. You can mix the lipstick that you don’t like with a lipstick that you like and create a brand new color. And if you have two lipsticks that you don’t like, you can create a third color that may look perfect on you.
Never put the lipstick sample from the store directly on your lips. When you buy a lipstick, swatch it on the inner side of your palm. That way you will avoid transmission of bacteria and viruses.
To avoid lipstick stains on your teeth. Put your finger in your mouth and pucker your lips while you draw back the finger. The lipstick that otherwise would have stayed on your teeth, will now stay on your finger.
To avoid lipstick stains on the edge of your glass. Lick your lips discreetly before you drink from your glass.

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