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7 Homemade scrubs for softer skin

Homemade face body lip scrubs

Whatever the season is, our face, body and lips ask for extra care, so that they will stay healthy, fresh and moisturized. And there is no better way than using natural and homemade scrubs to make our skin smooth, silky and glowing. In addition to being natural and organic (if you use organic ingredients), homemade scrubs are pretty inexpensive and can be made fast and easy because they contain ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen cupboard.

Exfoliation is necessary for getting your skin soft and smooth because it peels off the dead skin cells and helps the new and healthy cells to emerge to the surface. The best thing is that you mustn’t buy expensive skin care products or to visit the cosmetician, but you can make your own homemade scrubs and exfoliants. So give your skin softness, freshness and glow with these 7 homemade scrubs:

Homemade facial, body and lip scrubs

Face scrubs:

Homemade strawberry, honey and sugar scrub

What is better than these three yummy ingredients? This homemade scrub is great for oily and acne prone skin and as an added bonus – it smells great! The strawberries contain fruit acids which will refresh and revitalize your skin. Honey is great for moisturizing and rehydration of the skin, and it is proven that it has antibacterial properties, so that makes it great for the acne prone skin. The granules of the sugar are a very effective exfoliant.

You’ll need 2 large strawberries, 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of any kind of granulated sugar (you can use white sugar or light or dark brown sugar).  Mash the strawberries and mix all the ingredients together. Apply it on your face and massage your skin in circular motion. Let it stay on your face for 5 minutes then wash it with water.

Homemade face scrub with figs and olive oil

This homemade scrub is great for every skin type, especially for dry skin. The figs contain vitamins and antioxidants which are extremely useful for improving the appearance of your skin. The small seeds that they contain,  provide effective exfoliation.  Olive oil accelerates the cell renewal, and even helps against skin damage caused by the ultraviolet sun rays. Therefore, olive oil and figs are a great combination.

You will need 4 mashed figs and 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. Mix the ingredients and apply it on clean face. Massage your face gently. Leave it on your skin for 10 minutes, then rinse with water.

Homemade facial scrub with yogurt and and corn flour

This scrub is effective for every skin type. The yogurt will moisturize and refresh your skin and will also reduce redness. It also cools the skin, and that is why it is used in cooling the sun burned skin. Try to use coarse ground corn flour (that will make a better exfoliant).

Mix 2 tablespoons of yogurt and 2 tablespoons of corn flour. Apply it on your face and massage gently. Rinse with cold water.

Body scrubs

Homemade sea salt and almond oil scrub

The salt is one of the cheapest ingredients that is often used for homemade body scrubs. It detoxifies the body  and relaxes the muscles. You should not use scrubs that contain salt if you have cuts or wounds, and also if  you have shaved your legs or had a hair removal recently. In this case, you can substitute the salt with sugar. You can find almond oil in any supermarket or healthy food store. It is often used for massages because the skin absorbs it very easily. Almond oil also nourishes the skin and it leaves it smooth and silky.

Just mix 2 cups of sea salt and 1 cup of almond oil and start massaging your body. Turn this simple homemade body scrub into a spa experience by  adding a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil.

Homemade anti cellulite body scrub with coffee and olive oil

Coffee is great for energizing and tightening your skin. Many anti cellulite products use caffeine, an ingredient that coffee contains. This body scrub is easy to make and pretty inexpensive, so you can add it to your anti cellulite regime, or if you don’t have cellulite, you can just use it as an energizing body scrub.

Mix 1 cup of coffee (coarsely ground), 1 cup of sea salt or sugar and 1 cup of olive oil. Massage it on your skin, and if you like, you can add more of this mixture on the places affected by cellulite and wrap it with plastic foil. Leave it for 30 minutes then rinse.

Lip scrubs

If you have chapped lips, you should definitely try some of these homemade lip scrubs:

Homemade lip scrub with honey and olive oil

It is widely known about the benefits that honey does for the lips. It softens them and helps the dead skin cells to peel off your lips. Lips do not have oil glands, so honey moisturizes them very effectively.

Mix 1 teaspoon of honey with 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 teaspoon of sugar and apply it on your lips. Massage the lips with your fingertips. After you massage them with the scrub, rinse and apply lip balm to seal the moisture in.

Homemade baking soda and honey lip scrub

Baking soda is an excellent and cheap product which has been used for many years, primarily for teeth whitening. But it is great as an exfoliant too, so use it as a homemade lip scrub. Just mix some baking soda with some honey and massage your lips. For a better results, you can use an old toothbrush and massage your lips with it. After this procedure, rinse your lips with water and apply lip balm.

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