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5 myths about your hair

5 hair myths

Hair is one of the most important aspects of our appearance and everyone does the hair care differently. There are many myths about hair and hair care, and while some of them are true, others are totally false. These are the most common hair myths:

5 hair myths

Hair myth 1: Washing your hair too frequently is harmful

Your hair should be washed when you feel that it is dirty. For healthy scalp, it’s normal to wash it every 2-3 days. Of course, it’s not forbidden to wash your hair daily if you use gentle shampoos.
This hair myth is actually true, washing your hair too frequently can result in oily scalp especially if you use harsh shampoos. The harsh shampoo can strip too much oil from your scalp, and that results in overproduction of sebum. After a certain period of time, the scalp gets used to this routine and continues to overproduce sebum, which results in oily hair one or two days after you wash your hair.

Hair myth 2: Trimming your hair more often will make it grow faster

Hair grows on average 0.5 inches (1.35 cm) per month. In spring and summer the hair grows faster, and in autumn and winter – more slowly. Age also plays a big role. In people over 50, the hair grows more slowly than when they were younger. The hair grows fastest in girls aged 18-23 years.
But trimming your hair more often won’t make your hair to grow faster, so this hair myth is false. Regular hair trims will get rid of he split ends, and will make your hair more shiny and healthy and this will make it to look visually longer when in reality it is not. The speed of a hair growth depends of genetic factors, healthy diet habits, general health and etc.

Hair myth 3: The type of the hair changes

This hair myth is true, the type of the hair can change – usually from more oily to dry, although the opposite can happen too. The hair can become oily from stress, which increases the activity of the sebaceous glands. The drying of the hair occurs naturally – with age, as well as from products that contain too much chemicals like hair dyes and hair bleach. The hair can be damaged also as a result of improper care.
In fact, saying that the hair is dry, oily or normal is not quite correct. This is determined by the scalp. It is not good if you use a shampoo for oily hair all the time – hair products must be selected in accordance with the hair’s state at a time.

Hair myth 4: Hair extensions are harmless ornament

This hair myth is false – permanent hair extensions will most likely start to pluck and damage your hair when they start to fall off. If you really have to use extensions, try the removable ones, which should be the same (or approximately the same) color as your natural hair.
But it is good to know that if you have hair extensions, you have two types of hair. The first will be your natural hair and the second will be a hair that is not the same color as your natural hair and has a different texture. Each of the two types of hair requires different methods of hair care. Furthermore, stylists say that every haircut looks better when it’s done for an uniformly colored hair.

Hair myth 5: Shaving your head will thicken your hair

This hair myth is very false. Since birth we receive a certain number of hair follicles. So whatever you do with your hair, they won’t become more in numbers.
It is possible to create a visually thicker hair using special tools and products that will give your hair volume. Also this can be done with hairstyles which are well chosen, in sync with the shape of the face.
By the way, many people believe that blondes have less hair follicles. In fact, in brunettes, the number of hair follicles is 2-3 times less, but their hair is more solid and better supported. But even though blondes have more hair, it is thinner.

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