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7 Ways to help cure your hangover

7 Ways to help cure your hangover

If you had fun yesterday from sunset to sunrise, today you’ll certainly suffer from a hangover. You probably have the unpleasant pulsating headache, dizziness, you are sensitive to light and sound and you regret that you didn’t stop with drinking before it was too late. So the yesterday’s party turns into your morning torture.

When you consume alcohol in large quantities, it fills your body with toxins. Therefore, your body reacts as it would have reacted like it’s supposed to – it wants to get rid of the harmful substances.

The best remedy to avoid having hangover is not to drink alcohol at all or if you drink, to stop after one or two glasses. But if you drank too much and you have hangover, here are 7 ways to help cure your hangover:

Important! If you have really bad hangover, please seek medical help. Also please drink reasonably and don’t drink and drive.

7 Ways to help cure your hangover

If you’ve drank a few glasses more the previous night, here are some tips on how to relive your hangover and to make the morning torture easier:

7 Ways to help cure your hangoverCure your hangover with bananas

Bananas are great food to eat if you have a hangover. When you’re drunk you urinate more than you normal do and thus you lose potassium. Bananas are rich in potassium, so peel a banana, eat it and restore your energy.

Cure your hangover with honey and lemon

Boil one cup water and mix some honey into it and add some fresh lemon juice according to your taste. Drink the liquid several times a day. It has really pleasant taste, it’s refreshing and easy to drink, and it’ll supply you body with liquids and sugars. Use honey, not white sugar, because honey contains fructose which is easier for your body to absorb.

Cure your hangover with light food

Probably the last thing that you want to do while recovering from a hangover is to eat. But, you need food to get your energy levels high. In the morning eat something light like honey and toast, but if you can’t eat drink plenty of liquids until you’re sure you can consume something heavier. Eat easily digestible foods like toast, rice or clear soup.

Cure your hangover with sport drinks

Sport drinks are another good way to supply your body with fluids, electrolytes and glucose that you have lost while drinking and visiting the bathroom.

Cure your hangover with ice

If you have a bad headache, put a bag of ice on your head. Crush some ice and place it in plastic bag. Wrap the plastic bag in dry towel and place it on your head where you feel the headache. You can also put a towel in the freezer and then put it on your forehead and relax.

Cure your hangover with fresh juice

Freshly squeezed orange juice will help you to increase the sugar levels in your blood and to alleviate the hangover symptoms. Orange juice is also really refreshing and will make you feel better. If you have stomach problems, drink fresh apple juice instead of orange juice.

Cure your hangover with water

When you drink alcohol, your kidneys send the water to your bladder instead of being absorbed by your body. That’s why you can easily get dehydrated when you drink and your body will have hard time to process all of the alcohol. So drink plenty of water to flush the toxins and to stay hydrated.

So the most important thing is to drink plenty of water. Water is a good remedy for hangover, because your body is usually really dehydrated after drinking. Drink more than 8 glasses of water a day until you feel better.

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