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5 reasons why you should start jogging

Many people begin to jog because of various reasons. Some because they want to lose weight, others to be healthier, and others to try something new.

Below are five important reasons why it is good to start with this physical activity.

It is too easy and simple. To start to jog you do not need fitness equipment and you should not learn new skills. All you need are good shoes and nice sports bra.
Running reduces stress. Many women claim that they solve problems easier and calm while running. A survey done by the University of Georgia, which includes only women, proved their claim. To the participants was caused concern and anxiety, and half of them are left to rest, while the other half to run on the stationary track. Analyzing their behavior shows that running is three times more effective in reducing anxiety and stress.
Jogging protects you from diseases. Most experts agree that daily exercise reduces the risk of diseases such as cancer (lung, colon). The results of research done in the UK shows that more active people (those who jog 5-6 hours per week) have 24% less likely to suffer from cancer of the colon that the less active people (those who jog 30 minutes a week). Another study shows that women of normal weight who are physically active (running, aerobics, tennis) have 30% lower risk of breast cancer than women who are not physically active. People who jog, are better able to cope with diabetes and heart disease. Jogging also reduces blood pressure, raise the level of ‘good”‘cholesterol in the body and improves immunity, making the body to more easily fight colds and viruses.
If you run regularly, you will likely live longer. Research conducted by Stanford University examined 538 people who jog and 423, which are not jogging in the period from 1984 to 2005. All participants were over 50 years and were measured their capabilities for making ordinary things: opening of milk, washing hair, cutting meat, etc.. Each year the abilities of ‘inactive’ participants declined. At the end of the survey, still alive were 85% of participants who regularly jogged and 66% of participants who were not active.
Running helps in reducing weight. This is one of the most common reasons why people start to jog. They want to lose a few extra pounds. You will not be wrong if you choose jogging to achieve your desired weight. One hour calm jog burns about 200 calories, but if you will accelerate the pace you can burn more.

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