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7 Reasons men are afraid to commit

7 Reasons men are afraid to commit

For many men the thought of being with just one woman all of their life is enough to make them disappear immediately. It’s no secret that men love their freedom and they want to do what they want without having boundaries. Of course, not all men are like this, but there are many men who just don’t want to devote to one woman.

7 Reasons men are afraid to commitSo why are men afraid of commitment?  Here are 7 reasons men are afraid to commit:

1st Reason men are afraid to commit – Loss of freedom

When you devote yourself to someone, you lose part of your freedom. You can’t just do whatever you want whenever you want it because you have another person to take care of. Some men are scared by this thought and that’s why they don’t want to commit. They want to make their own decisions and live their lives by their own rules.

2nd Reason men are afraid to commit – Loss of personal space

Some people behave very protective when it comes to their personal space. Some men are afraid to devote to a woman because when their relationship gets serious and they move in together, he doesn’t want to be surrounded by women’s stuff, doesn’t want to lose control over the TV and the ‘man’ space to be taken with female flower paintings and cosmetic products.

3rd Reason men are afraid to commit – Monogamy

Today, men find it difficult to maintain monogamous relationship. They have fear from the thought that they would be with one woman for the end of their life, and they’ll start to feel trapped. They also fear that the relationship will become boring and monotonous and then they’ll have to go through a breakup which is emotionally exhausting. That’s why these kind of men don’t stay with one woman for long.

4th Reason men are afraid to commit – Trust

If you think that only women have problems with confidence – you are wrong. Men often fear that they’ll be betrayed by their partner if they are in a serious relationship. This is especially true if you have a long distance relationship. If your partner has trust issues, and you really love him, try to assure him that he’s the only one for you. If you still have trust issues, then you both have to decide how your relationship should progress.

5th Reason men are afraid to commit – Bad experience

Bad experiences are really common reason why men are afraid to commit. If he was very hurt by his former love, especially if he has been in a long relationship, he’ll make sure not to repeat the same mistake again. Normally, this type of men aren’t afraid to build a relationship, they just need time to forget the bad experience, to gain confidence to fall in love again and start a relationship.

6th Reason men are afraid to commit – He acts childish

All people mature at different rate. Some people become more serious early in their twenties, but some aren’t willing to commit themselves to a serious relationship even in the end of their thirties. These men live with the thought that they should ‘live’ their life to the fullest before they commit themselves seriously and get married.

7th Reason men are afraid to commit – Emotional pressure

Many women want to commit and get married as soon as possible. This pressure that some women do to men, has the opposite effect. Men usually want to be dominant and they want to have the control in their hands. They want to be the one that make the decision to get married and they want their decisions not to be rushed. So don’t pressure your partner to get married, have kids etc.

Now that you know the 7 reasons men are afraid to commit, don’t make things worse. If he isn’t ready for a serious relationship, give him some time. Pressure can only increase your problems.

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