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Strengthen your bones

We all know that calcium is a powerful weapon when it comes to strengthening the bones. Indeed, this mineral helps a lot, but scientists continually discover new ways that would help us to keep our bones strong and healthy.

Vitamin D
Bones can not absorb calcium without the presence of vitamin D. Research conducted with the participation of more than 16,000 women shows that those women who consumed 500 IU (12.5μg) of vitamin D a day reduced the risk of broken hips by 40%.

Sources of vitamin D:
100g salmon = 360 IU (9μg)
50g sardines = 250 IU (6.2μg)
115g shrimp = 172 IU (4.3μg)
Vitamin K
Vitamin K is not very popular vitamin, but it is good for bones because it helps the proteins that help in forming the bones to function properly. People who take 250μg vitamin K per day, are at less risk of broken bones than people who consume 55μg. It is best to consume from 90 to 120μg vitamin K daily.

Sources of vitamin K:
1 cup broccoli = 547μg
1 cup spinach = 120μg
Potassium neutralize the acids that absorb calcium from the body. Therefore, do not leave out this mineral. The recommended daily requirements of potassium for adults is 4700mg. Try to enter it through the diet.

Sources of potassium:
1 banana = 422g
1 avocado (85g) = 540mg
Dried figs (76g) = 542mg

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