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Boost your confidence

Confidence is a wonderful feature of everyone’s character. It is your ally when you want to smile of the unknown guy on the bar, to be introduced yourself excellent on a job interviews or to oppose to your boss.

Each of us can increase our confidence, and here’s how.

Discover your good qualities and abilities. Confidence should be stimulated and constantly reinforcing. To do this, you need to know your abilities and good qualities. That you can simply achieve with a little exercise. Write a list of twenty best features and capabilities that you have (intellectual, emotional, physical). Then, write on each of them what they helped you to accomplish. Example: I am very chatty, it helps me always easy to blend in, to chat and meet many new people.

Convince that you can learn and do everything. Confidence does not means to succeed in everything and know what to do in every situation, but it is to think that you are able to learn and do what you need. Your motto should be: ‘If I do not know how to do it, I can learn’. Sometimes in front of you will be a new tasks that you may not know how to handle – don’t give up. Do not accept to be defeated, and go and search of a solution. Be confident that you can learn and accomplish it.

Escape the monotonous life. Very often you create your little rituals like cleaning o Sunday or going out on Saturday night. These habits are completely normal and you certainly are comfortable to have. But when it appears a new opportunity, which may disrupt your pattern, it is possible to not feel comfortable to accept it. Ask yourself what you want and be open to new things. If you are offered a job in a new city, do not be afraid to accept it.

Highlight everything. Very often subconsciously we try to be part of the crowd, because we are afraid that others may judge us, or avoid us.  Distance from what others think. Express your individuality. It can be through clothing, music or your opinion – it does not matter. Do not be part of the crowd, but be different and special.

Express your opinion. If you always agree with the opinion of others, even when you are on a completely different opinion, it means that you are afraid that others won’t like you if you stand on the opposite side. When your colleague give a nice idea that is accepted by all, and you think that there are many negative sides in it, do not be afraid to tell your position. Once you stand on the opposite side, you may notice that people will appreciate you more, because you stand for your opinions.

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