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Before you start to live together

Each relationship should be developed. Living together is a logical step if you’re already in serious relationship and plan a common future. Only a few decades ago, it was rare for couples to live together without being married. Today, things start to change and more young couples decide to test their love through the big test – living together.

If you made the decision to start living together with your partner, you should know that the first few months are important. During this period, in the relationship you should develop abilities like listening, communication and compromise. Here’s what else should you have in mind, before you make this important step.

Both have to want to do it. If you begin to live together just because you will pay less rent, think again. Both of you should agree that your relationship should go further and make sure you are ready for this big step.

Set rules. Every house should have its own rules. Talk about the division of responsibilities and hygiene. It is not necessary to do schedule, but everyone should know what is their duty.

Solve the little problems. If some of his habits come over your head, talk about it. The neglect of small problems, will not solve them. One day a small problem will spill the cup and will be finished with great controversy.

Make your own place. The fact that you share an address, does not mean that you should be together all the time. Each of you sometimes want to stay alone at home. So create your own space, space where you feel comfortable alone.

Expect problems. Like any relationship, living together has its good and bad moments. Be prepared to expect bad days, when you will avoid each other. But it should not encourage you to immediately pack the bags for resettlement.

Plan to have fun. When you live together, you will really spend much time together, but do not forget to have fun as before. Set a day during the week in which will go out for dinner or cinema. Laugh a lot and do not forget to enjoy the company of your friends.

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