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Maintain your weight after the diet

Every woman at least once tried to stick to a diet. Today when skinny, toned woman body is a fashion hit, we do not remain indifferent to the diet.

Yes, it is true that with a diet you lose weight, but what happens when you stop with it? If you do not resist the temptations of fried fast food, alcohol and sweets, the weight will be gained again. It is well known as a yo-yo effect of a diet.

In order to maintain your desired weight that so hard you have tried to reach, you should not violate the following rules:

Eat slowly. Enjoy the food while you eat slowly. Your body will tell you when you are full before you overdo it. Never eat in front of TV, because it will distract you and will probably eat more food than you need.
Increase the portions gradually. If you were on a diet for 10 days, then in the next month you should gradually increase the amount of food you consume. In any case do not return to the old way of life, which previously brought you the extra pounds.
Eat more fresh food. Avoid canned and frozen foods. Its best to eat vegetables and fruits fresh without cooking. So they will contain fewer calories and will keep all the vitamins and minerals.
Unload the body. Choose one day in the month in which you will eat only fruits. If you are not a fan of fruits, eat vegetables too. If you can endure it, this one day consume only liquids such as teas and 100% natural juices.
Tell ‘no’ to food after 8 pm. Avoid foods in the late evening hours. The last meal has to be 2-3 hours before bedtime. That way your body will have enough time to process it before you go to sleep.
Be active. Couch potato lifestyle is the greatest ally of the excess pounds. Therefore, after the diet increase your physical activity. Move on foot as much as possible. Skip the elevator and use the stairs. Go for walks in the nature and do sports several times a week.

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