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Acne myths

For decades scientists write stories about the causes of acne.
Thanks to research, many of the facts are explaining the causes of acne.

But also there are some myths connected with causes of acne. Here are some of them:

1. Chocolate, pizza, peanuts and fried foods are bad for everyone. Under the new trends in schools, people eat very fatty and sweet food, but some people react to that kind food by getting acne, but others do not.
2. Sun (or quartz lamp) are useful for acne. Exposure to sun dries the pimples, but given the damage that can cause, the risk is not worth it. Too much sun exposure, especially sunburns, can cause skin cancer and lead to premature aging.
3. Acne will disappear at the age of 30. Unfortunately, many adults suffer from acne although they are 50 years or more.
4. Cause of acne is poor hygiene. The presence of acne does not mean that your face is dirty.
5. Abrasive cleaners work well for acne. Doctors have found that rough scrubs usually worsen the acne condition.

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