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How to tell if a guy is totally into you

How to tell if a guy is totally into you

Believe it or not, but men are just as complicated and hard to read as us women. And sometimes, it’s really hard to tell if a guy is into you or not. Let’s say you’ve met a great you and you really like him, but even if you two have already been out a few times, you can’t really tell whether he likes you and is your relationship going somewhere.

Here are some tips that will help you to tell if a guy is totally into you as you want him to be.

How to tell if a guy is totally into you

A guy is totally into you if he invites you to go out

If a guy is totally into you, he’ll take a deep breath and invite you to go on a date. This is especially true if he’s a really nice and sweet guy that’s a little bit shy. If a shy guy invites you to go on a date, it’s a clear sign that he’s totally into you. And if he invites you on a second date, then he’s surely very interested in you. But this isn’t always the case with bad boys. If a bad boy invites you on a date, it’s doesn’t have to mean that he’s into you, it’s usually a sign of trouble.

A guy is totally into you if he carefully listens

You can tell that a guy is really into you when you speak and he remembers your likes and preferences. When a guy is into you, he remembers all small things that you like, like your favorite dessert, your favorite drink, the color of your eyes etc. When you accidentally mention that you love Italian food, if he is interested in you he’ll remember this and the next time you two go out he’ll surprise you with a dinner in an Italian restaurant.

A guy is totally into you if he promised to call you and he calls

If he’d promised to call you the next day and he does it, that’s a clear sign that your guy is totally into you. Even if he’s too busy, if your guy is totally into you, he’ll find at least 2-3 minutes of spare time to call you or send you a couple of messages. Keeping his promise that he’ll call you definitely shows that he’s interested in you and that he wants your relationship to move in the right direction.

A guy is totally into you if he behaves like a gentleman

Every woman wants to feel like a lady and most men know this. If he’s totally into you he’ll act like a gentleman and he’ll make your date unforgettable. When a guy likes you, he’ll do everything to make you feel special, he won’t leave you to wait for him, he’ll give you his coat when you’re cold, he’ll open the door etc. If you find a man that’s a true gentleman, make sure you keep him, because gentlemen are an endangered species.

A guy is totally into you if he plans your every date

It’s true, most men don’t like planning and over thinking things. So, if he’s trying to plan your date and to surprise you with interesting and fun things to do, it means he’s into you, he’s having a great time with you and wants your relationship to continue. He doesn’t want you to be bored and frustrated and he constantly makes you beautiful little surprises that make your dates special.

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