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Baby=104 sexual acts

According to British sexologists for a woman to get pregnant she must have had previously at least 104 sex acts with a man who will become the father of her child.

Woman’s body gradually adapts to the birth. Over three thousand British mothers participated in the experiment.

According to the results the average couple should have sex at least one hundred and four times to the pregnancy to occur. This means that if you want to conceive within six months must have sex at least four times a week.

Experts say that number could be slightly increased, but the majority of couples who have come together under one roof to have a baby, get pleasure from sex so intense.

Women and men are extremely pleased to be able to enjoy sex with their partner more often to become pregnant. But, in women, however, things are a bit more delicate.

Overall, the ladies they like to have sex for conceiving a baby, but the main thought, shift the center of the satisfaction and they can not get enough pleasant experience for themselves.

Instead of indulging in sex and then see what the outcome is, they all spend the time thinking what will happen and so eleven percent admit that after some time they get bored.

Over ten percent of men complain that their wives bring them to complete physical exhaustion in bed while trying to make baby.

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