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How to look gorgeous in every photo

look gorgeous in every picture

In the past, cameras were usually used only for special occasions and everyone was trying to save the film only for the most interesting moments. Today, digital cameras have changed our habits of taking pictures.

The most ordinary going out for coffee or a refreshment with friends involves taking photos and those photos don’t end up in an old dusty album, but they are usually posted on various social media sites.Well, it is no wonder that people want to look good in the photos because a bad photo can really ruin the mood.

Instead of hating when people tag you on bad photos or ‘burying’ the photos of yourself in a folder on your computer that nobody can find it, read the following tips and tricks which will help you to look great in every photo:

How to look gorgeous in every picture

Practice the ‘Red Carpet’ pose

You should never stand with your body directly towards the lens if you want to appear slim, show off your beautiful hourglass figure and look great in photos. Hollywood ladies know how to show their body at the best angle and you should learn from them. Here is what you should do to have a good posture:
1. Stand straight and place one foot in front of the other.
2. Turn your body at an angle of 45 degrees from the camera.
3. Shift the whole weight of your body to your back foot.
4. Stretch the front leg and bend the knee a little to look natural.
5. The upper part of your body should be pointed toward the photographer, but one side should be closer to the lens than the other.

Use your hands to strike a better pose

When posing, place one or both hands on your hips. That will create an illusion that your legs are longer. But you shouldn’t spread your fingers, just keep them collected. If you have a thin waist and you are proud of it, place one hand over your hip to emphasize your waist.

Highlight the better side of your face

Unless you are lucky to have absolutely symmetrical face, you should find out which one is the better side of your face. Study your face in the mirror from all angles. Surely one side will look significantly better than the other. So, when taking a picture, turn your head to your better side to emphasize your face, so you’ll look great on photos. Usually the better side of your face is the one on which you part your hair.

Keep your hands away from your body to look slimmer

More formal clothing often requires to bare your hands. So, when posing, you need to make your hands look visually slimmer. To achieve this and to look gorgeous in every picture, you should never press your hands to your body. If you are uncomfortable to place them on your hips, relax your arms and spread them a little. To make your hands look toned, slightly tighten the muscles, but only if you can do it without looking stiff.

Avoid the ‘double chin’

Here is what you can do to avoid the ‘double chin’ and to look great in photos:
1. Stretch your neck slightly and tilt  your chin down. Stretching the neck will help your neck to look slimmer and also smooth our the double chin, just be careful – you shouldn’t exaggerate with the stretching.
2. Place the tip of the tongue on the upper palate, just behind the front teeth. The area under your jaw will tighten a bit.

Tilt your  head a little on one side if you are photographed from the bottom

Some people want to experiment and make fun photos, so they are taking photos from a bottom angle. In that case, look down and tilt your head a bit on the left or right to avoid showing too much of your nostrils. Also, stretch your head a little to avoid the ‘double chin’.

Do not underestimate the power of a sincere smile, but smile with your eyes too

The camera will ‘catch it’ if your smile is fake and the photo will not have the charm that you desire. One photographer’s advice is whenever you pose for a photo, think of something positive, something that can easily manage to make you laugh. If you want to have seductive smile, imagine that you see your loved one or that handsome stranger from last week’s party. But if you are taking picture with the family, think of an event that is always fun be mentioned – something that your pet made, some joke, etc.

Look  above the lens

Do not look directly into the lens, but slightly above them. That way you will avoid the red-eye effect.

To get a ‘serious’ look, the camera should be slightly lower than your eyes

If you want to look more serious, ask the photographer who will take your photo to hold the camera a bit lower than your eyes. Use this trick photography for your business profile or for your CV.

Choose matte skin and shiny lips

If something needs to shine on your face when you’re taking a picture, it is your lips. Dewy and shiny skin doesn’t look good in photos, so use a matte finishing powder. Before taking a picture, visit the ‘powder room’ (if you can) and powder your face. If you don’t have a matte face powder, simply take a clean napkin and press it on your face to blot the excess oil. Put a little lip gloss on your lips to get a fresh look and you’re ready to look good in every photo.

And of course, practice. It is not silly to practice in front of the mirror to find your best pose and best smile. That way you’ll be ready to strike your best pose and to look good in photos.

And when you find yourself in front of a camera, forget your flaws and don’t think that you will blink or whether the picture will turn out good, just relax and smile sincerely.

Additional tip:

If you pose for a family photograph that will hang on the wall for many years, choose clothing that never goes out of style. If you put on something that is stylish and modern now, but you know it is only seasonal and temporary trend, you will think that you look funny after several years.

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