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10 Must have fashion items for summer

10 Must have fashion items for summer

You already know that summer clothing should be lightweight and comfortable so your skin can breathe and you will feel free to move, but sometimes it can look boring and dull. The good news is that you can add couple of fashion accessories to your outfit and make it interesting and unique.

It is the start of the summer, so complete your summer wardrobe with these pieces of clothing and accessories and you won’t stay unnoticed, guaranteed.

10 Must have fashion items for summerMust have fashion item for summer – High waisted shorts

High temperatures will force you to wear shorts and show off your legs. So cool yourself off with classic high waisted shorts that will simultaneously provide a chic and elegant look.

They are the modern replacement for the short skirts and you’ll love them because they’ll make you look taller and your legs will look longer.

Must have fashion items for summer – Short printed skirts

This summer, don’t buy short skirts that are too tight. Choose an ‘A-line’ skater skirt with an interesting pattern. This type of skirt will allow you to move freely and it’ll highlight the shape of your body.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different prints, textures and materials. And before choosing a short skirt for this summer you should know that short skirts with interesting color patterns or vintage style short skirts are an absolute hit.

Must have fashion item for summer – Little white dress

The white dress doesn’t attract the sun’s rays, but it does attract men’s curious glances. With it you’ll be nicely dressed within seconds and ready to go on the beach or your favorite coffee or ice cream shop.

Choose a simple white dress and combine it with various accessories so you’ll always have another look with the same dress.

Must have fashion item for summer – Maxi dress

Playful and ultra-romantic, maxi dresses continue to win the women’s hearts. Why are they so popular? Firstly, because you’ll get dressed in seconds, and second, because with a few accessories you can easily turn it from day outfit into a going out outfit. It’s simple as that.

Choose a maxi dress in a solid color, or choose a dress with flower print or other interesting print, the choice is yours. But be careful with the dress shape. If you’re shorter or if you have a fuller figure, you might want to skip the long and baggy dresses.

Must have fashion items for summer – Nautical style

Stripes are super trendy this summer. Although fashion designers have created clothes with stripes in different strong colors, it’s always safe to choose the classic blue and white stripes. The ‘sailor’ items should always get an honorable place in your summer wardrobe.

If you add red or yellow details to the blue-white combination, you’ll give more color to your outfit and you’ll beat the monotonous combination in the same time.

Must have fashion items for summer – Metallic or nude flat sandals

This summer give a little vacation to your feet too. The flat sandals are modern and fashionable, so there is no need to constantly torment your feet with an uncomfortable high heels.

Choose gold or silver strap sandals with many straps or nude simple sandals or gladiators. Almost all styles will fit into countless outfit combinations, from going to the beach to going out around town.

Must have fashion item for summer – Small handbag

Everything that you need for this summer needs to be able to fit into a small handbag. The little colorful bags with long straps are the greatest hit this summer season and you must own at least one.

For summer, you should definitely choose a handbag in strong colors, so if you are afraid to experiment with colors in your outfits, add some color into your look with the bag and other fashion accessories.

Must have fashion item for summer – Thin brown belt

Highlight your waist with a thin brown belt. Choose a classic belt or braided belt and you can combine it with maxi dress, floral skirt, high waisted pants or a long shirt – the choice is unlimited.

Must have fashion item for summer – Colorful scarf

Regardless of the print, regardless of the color, colorful scarves are mandatory fashion accessory this summer. However, scarves aren’t just about the neck. You can carry them tied on your head, braided into your hair or in the place of a belt.

Must have fashion item for summer – Statement necklace

Make the plain white or black t-shirt more interesting with a statement necklace. It’ll also make the plain outfit ready for a night’s out. Statement necklaces come in many colors, metallic shades or sparkly stones, so choose whichever one you like.

Extra tip: When choosing must have fashion items for summer, don’t be afraid to mix colors and wear a different patterns and textures. Summer is ideal for experimenting. Fashion is fun, so let your imagination roam freely and build your own unique style.

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