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75% of women would not marry an unemployed man

Employment has a major impact on marriage. The first rule of thumb is that at least one of the partners should have a job before starting plans for the wedding.

Therefore, it is not surprising that a new research showed that 75% of women would not marry an unemployed man, but also 65% of women would not get married if they themselves do not have a job.

These results partly explain the worldwide trend of postponement of marriage, and why people are waiting to be employed first and then to say the words ‘Yes, I do’.

Although women say that employment is an important condition for marriage, yet 91% of women would rather be married for love than for money.

The research had a few other conclusions:

50% of women would rather be married to someone who earns significantly less than them, while 41% would do not do so.
55% would give up their career to raise the children if their partner asks them, while 28% would seek the same from their partner.
42% of women said that if they had one hour extra free time, they would spend it on themselves rather than their partner, friends or family.
77% of women believe that they can have a successful relationship and family life and a successful career.