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Shopping therapy improves the mood

The shopping is rightly called a therapy. Shopping has a long-term positive effect on our mood, psychologists say.

Psychologists argued if shopping is really a therapy that people consciously use to enhance their mood at the moment when they feel unhappy. Although it is considered that when people are unhappy they start to buy things impulsively and uncontrollably, researchers have shown however that while the shopping therapy is in action, buyers are not throwing their money but they buy strategically.

With the help of hundreds of interviews in shopping centers and malls, and using notes from journals that followed the habits of buyers, psychologists found out that when people are unhappy, are more prone to make an unplanned purchase. Thus, 62% of participants have bought something just to make them happy, and only 28% had bought something as a way to celebrate great moments in their lives.

The thing that surprised the researchers is the fact that the products purchased to enhance the mood were less than double the cost of the products purchased as a form of celebration. Therefore, psychologists argue that during the therapy people are shopping and buying things uncontrollably, as previously considered.

‘Shopping therapy provides many benefits. It improves the mood and does not bring a guilt or regret, even when the thing that is bought was not planned to be bought’ – the report of the research says.

Buy yourself something to restore the smile on your face, but show control and do not empty your wallet too much.