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Why the women fake orgasm

It’s no secret that women often use their artistic skills to fake orgasm. About 70% of women at least once managed to convince their partner that they had experienced orgasm when it actually didn’t happened.

There are different reasons that encourage women to fake that they have reached the peak of sexual pleasure. The most common reasons are:

To increase the confidence of the partner
Men feel the greatest pleasure in the moment of the experience of orgasm, so they think it applies to their partner also and believe that sex without orgasm is a failure.
Most men lose their confidence after they learn that their partner has not yet reached orgasm and it affects very negatively on their sexual life. To increase the confidence of their partner and make him feel proud, women play orgasm.
This “small” lie can greatly help improve sexual life, if it is rarely used. If a man believes he is good in bed, he no longer fears that he may disappoint his partner, and would approach to sex with more confidence and it will result in better sex.

To avoid conflict
If they think that they are not good enough in bed and can not to lead their partner to climax, the men lose part of their masculinity. It makes them nervous, tense and prone to fighting.
To avoid conflict and preserve the smile on the face of their partner, women often lie that they are reaching the top of sexual pleasure.

To complete the intercourse as soon as possible
When women are not willing for sex, they often use this acting to end the sexual intercourse as soon as possible.
Seeing their partner how experience orgasm, men are more excited, and it brings them closer to their orgasms.

To reward the persistence of their partner
When men know that their partner has not achieved orgasm, they feel like they should give their best for it to happen.
Thus, it can happen that the man will try too hard to deliver a supreme pleasure to their partner, she will begin to feel that they must fake, not to disappoint him.

To increase sexual excitement
Women sighs can easily raise mens’ sexual excitement, and can also help the women to achieve the top spot.
Faking orgasm may increase the desire for sex and excitement in women, and the end result can be a real orgasm.

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