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5 Foot Care Tricks to Treat Sore and Tired Feet

Foot Care Tricks to Treat Sore and Tired Feet

You come home from work and more and more chores are waiting for you. And above all, your feet feel tired and sore from being all day in those uncomfortable shoes. Well, try to not stress to much about things and try to take some time for yourself. Put some relaxing music on and try to forget everything bad that happened during the day. Save yourself from the stress and tension.

Here are some foot care tricks to treat sore and tired feet and also relax yourself so you and your feet will feel fresh and relaxed and ready to tackle the next day.

Foot Care Tricks to Treat Sore and Tired FeetTreat sore and tired feet – Use ice

Once a day rub your feet lightly feet with an  ice cube. The ice will help your feet feel cooled and refreshed. To make your ice cubes even more effective, use green or chamomile tea, pour it into an ice tray and freeze it. Or you can also use cucumber and lemon juice diluted with water as well.

Treat sore and tired feet – Lift your feet

Every evening lay down on the ground, lift your feet on the wall and stay in this position for at least 10-15 minutes. What you can also do is to lie down on your couch, cross your legs and lift them. The force of gravity will improve your blood flow – from your legs to the rest of your body. The swelling will decrease and your feel will feel much better.

Treat sore and tired feet – Massage your feet

Apply some body lotion on your feet and start massaging them. Massage each of your toes individually. Then, go to the middle of your foot and massage it. If necessary, add more body lotion so that the foot massage will be more pleasant. Slowly go to your ankle and rub it gently. Repeat the same procedure with the other foot.

Instead of body lotion, you can also use cooling foot cream to do your foot massage. This will help your feet to relax. Finally, put on some soft cotton socks and use them for this purpose only. Go to bed and in the morning your feet will be soft and smooth.

Treat sore and tired feet – Foot soaks

Another way to deal with tired legs is to make your own DIY homemade foot soak and scrub. Here’s how to choose the proper ingredients to make your own foot soak. First you must choose if you’re going to use sea salt or some sort of herbs or tea to infuse your water. In this case you need something to improve the blood circulation in your feet. Green tea, ginger and cayenne pepper are great for blood circulation and rose and lavender are suitable for relaxing.

Here is a simple way to prepare a foot soak: Pour hot water into a tub in which you’ll soak your feet. Then place your tea bags and herbs that you want to use and leave them to steep in the hot water for 10 minutes. Pour a little cold water to get your water to desired temperature, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, immerse your feet and enjoy the aroma and heat. If you add sea salt your foot soak will have anti-bacterial and healing properties.

Treat sore and tired feet – Choose proper shoes

Choosing the proper shoes is a must if you want your feet to be nice and relaxed during the day. Comfortable shoes with a small heel will ensure a normal blood circulation in your feet. Too narrow or too wide shoes will make your feet even more tired and sore.

Take care of yourself by choosing tranquility and relaxation. Your feet will feel great, and also you will shine and feel good too.

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