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7 Common Physical Symptoms of Depression

7 Physical Symptoms of Depression

Everyone has ups and downs in live and usually the downs is what makes a person sad and blue. In many people this sadness happens from time to time but it usually goes away or it gets better in a few days or even a few hours. But in people with depression this state of mind stays for months and it can be so severe that they sometimes aren’t able to cope with their daily activities and daily life.

People suffering from depression usually feel sad, but many of them also feel empty and lifeless. Some people might even feel angry and aggressive. But whatever the emotional feelings are, you need to know that depression is more than just a sadness. People with depression sometimes aren’t able to do their everyday chores, they have difficulty to go to work, to study and to enjoy life.

7 Physical Symptoms of Depression

Most people know what the emotional symptoms of depression are, but they don’t know that depression may cause physical symptoms too. These are the 7 most common physical symptoms of depression:

Important! If you or a loved one suffers from depression, please consult a specialist.

Common Physical Symptoms of Depression

Neck and Back Pain. If you suffer from depression you may feel back and neck pain or if you already had neck and back pain, it can increase its intensity.

Headache. Headache is a common physical symptom found in people who suffer from depression. If you have previously suffered from migraine or headaches, the depression might even worsen the situation and make the headaches more frequent and stronger.

Problems with Digestion. Another common physical symptom of depression is having problems with digestion. You may feel nauseated, bloated, you may also have diarrhea, or have symptoms of constipation. The digestive problems in people who suffer from depression are different in every individual.

Chest Pain. If you have chest pain, especially if it’s really strong and unbearable, you should immediately visit your doctor because it’s possible that it’s a sign of heart problems. But milder chest pain is another common physical symptom of depression.

Trouble Sleeping. People who suffer from depression have trouble falling a sleep and getting a good night’s sleep. Some of them find it difficult to fall asleep, when they fall a sleep they usually sleep for few hours and wake up really early. But some people who also suffer from depression may sleep much more than normal. Again, this is different in every individual.

Changes in Appetite. Some people who suffer from depression can lose their appetite and lose a lot of weight. But other people constantly think of food, they consume a lot more food and gain weight. Usually people who suffer from depression and eat a lot, try to find some comfort in the food, that’s why they start to eat more than usual..

Fatigue, dizziness and fainting. If you are depressed, no matter how much you sleep, you feel tired and fatigued. Changes in appetite, sleep problems, headaches etc, can all add up and lead to dizziness or even fainting.

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